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1824 Presedential Election

No description

Mr. Parke

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of 1824 Presedential Election

1824 Presedential Election
By Gavin Longino

1824 Presedential Election, Who were the canidates

This presedential election is in 1824
Electoral Map
Issues of 1824
• " May 15- A boiler explosion occurs on the steamship Aetna, en route in New York Harbor, killing more than ten passengers and injuring many more "!

andrew jackson
john quincy adams
William H. Crawford
Henry Clay
John quincy adams wins this election but andrew jackson becomes presedent in 1828 after defeating him the next election around.
john quincy adams
andrew jackson
1828 winner
1824 winner
• "April 15 – To defend the Cherokees' possession of their land, chief John Ross petitions Congress, fundamentally altering the traditional relationship between an Indian nation and whites".
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• During my election there was still slavery a didnt end any time soon. 41 years later slavery ended in 1865.
• Also during my election women werent allowed to vote and there opinions matter. 96 whole years later in december women started voting!!!
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