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Twilight Saga Characters(Finally Finished!!)

These are the Twilight chracters, I think I included all but I might be missing some...

Twilight Fan4life

on 18 September 2010

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Transcript of Twilight Saga Characters(Finally Finished!!)

Twilight Saga Vampires Shape-shifters Humans Others Covens Volturi Nomads James's Coven Newborns in Seattle Bree Riley Others Victoria Laurent James Mary Randall Alistair Charles Mekanna Fred Diego Maria's Coven Nettie Lucy Peter Maria Charlotte Leaders Guards Others Gianna Aro Caius Marcus Athenodora Sulpicia Didyme Afton Alec Chelsea Corin Demetri Felix Heidi Jane Renata Santiago Cullen(Olympic Coven) Carlisle Esme Edward Alice Rosalie Jasper Emmet Denali Coven Garrett Kate Carmen Tanya Eleazar Irina Vasili Sasha Egyptian Coven Amun Kebi Tia Benjamin Amazon Coven Zafrina Kachiri Senna Irish Coven Maggie Liam Siobhan Romanian Coven Vladimir Stefan Jacob Black's Pack Sam Uley's Pack Brady Collin Paul Sam Jared Jacob Black(Alpha Voice) Seth Clearwater(Improved Hearing) Leah Clearwater(Fast Runer) Quil Ateara Embry Call Swans Bella Swan Charlie Swan Renee Dwyer Phil Dwyer Dwyers Forks High School Students Angela Weber Mike Newton Lauren Mallory Tyler Crowley Eric Yorkie Jessica Stanley Others Emily Young J.Jenks Clearwaters Harry Clearwater Sue Clearwater Billy Black ETC. ETC. Renesmee Carlie Cullen Nahuel Joham Pire Huilen Characters Other Nomads Nahuel's sisters The End Thanks for watching I hope you like it :)
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