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Fresh Water Biome

No description

austin bigelow

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Fresh Water Biome

Fresh Water Biome
By Austin Bigelow This is a picture of a Fresh water biome characteristicts of a fresh water biome Theres alot more animals, plants,and alot better soil than other places. the deepest freshwater lake in the world is lake Baikal which is 5,371 ft. Vocabulary Littoral Zone Where light reaches the bottom and nurtures plants Open water zone the speed at which the water moves can affect the types of biotic factors that can live in the fresh water biome the part that extends from the littoral zone and that is only as deep as light can reach Deep-water zone below the open-water zone where no light reaches Marsh treeless wetland where plants such as grasses grow Wetland area of land that is sometimes under water or has very moisture soil Swamp wetland where shrubs and trees grow phytoplankton caddis midge small fish Large fish eel heron decomposers Food Web of Freshwater Biome Tennessee Holt 6-grade & Technology www.ucmp.berkley.edu Resources
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