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No description

Jason Khoo

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of #ICanBe

Almost everyone has had potential to do something, but have kept it hidden.
Phase 1 -
Announcers share their dreams/goals on social media; encourage listeners to start living their goals
Start soliciting for entries using the hashtag,

[insert dream/goal]
via social media
4x best entries
Finalists get a 4-week crash course that will bring them closer to their dream (i.e. guitar classes to be musician; baking lessons to be a pâtissier; etc)
Unlock your true potential and achieve for your dreams
with InnerShine Cosmetics & Astro Radio

(1 week)
InnerShine Cosmetics and Astro Radio give listeners a chance to stop hiding behind their masks & unleash their full potential by encouraging them to be: "All
Phase 2 -
Submission & Training
(4 weeks)
Finalist who has the highest potential (picked by audience vote) will be sent for a further 3x months training within the industry of their dream (i.e. sent to Julliard in NY to study music, etc.)
Phase 3 -
Voting & Grand Prize
(1 week)
Client Benefits
Your Products As Our Stars
InnerShine will be featured prominently throughout the campaign, as our finalists go through grooming procedures as part of their training.
Through association with an aspirational campaign, InnerShine can connect to their audiences on an emotional and relatable level.
Rec promos, live liners, web promos
Instagram & FB posts
Photos & videos on station website, documenting Finalists' progress.
Rec promos, live liners on-air to drive listeners to watch the videos.
Listeners can vote for the Finalist of their choice to continue their dream via station FB & website
Airtime to drive listeners online to vote.
Potential Stations
and Media Values
TIER 1 (ERA, MY, hitz)
Media Value:
RM 300,000 - 350,000
TIER 2: MIX, Raaga
Media Value:
RM 200,000 - 250,000
Production Costs:
RM 80,000 - RM 100,000
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