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University Programs: Planning an Event 101

The basic steps and guidelines to planning an event. Created for use at the UP new staff retreat.

University Programs

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of University Programs: Planning an Event 101

EVENT PLANNING 101 Step 1: Brainstorming The Basics Identify what type of event/activity you would like to plan Define your objectives and outcomes for the event Decide date, time, and location Find sponsors and partners to collaborate with Create a budget and a timeline Marketing and publicity Implement and evaluate Step 2: Logistics Step 3: Publicizing Step 4: Implement Step 5: Evaluate University Programs Mission University Programs is the student-led, student-driven board, which aims to provide University of Alabama students with a variety of events that enhance the overall student experience. We are committed to supporting the overall academic, research and service mission of The University of Alabama and the Ferguson Center Student Union by providing quality collaborative programming that promotes lifelong learning and allows all students to find a place of involvement and importance. The Ferguson Center and its staff seek to enhance each students' learning experience by supporting, supplementing and complementing the overall academic, research and service mission of The University of Alabama by offering a wide variety of high-quality services, collaborative programming and leisure time activities. Student Affairs Focus Areas 1. Maximize the potential for students to thrive personally, academically,
physically, socially and emotionally.

Celebrate the uniqueness of each student | Provide opportunities for learning moments | Create opportunities for students to make decisions | Become more aware of student needs and concerns | Promote advanced levels of student development

2. Improve the understanding of the Division of Student Affairs at UA.

Become a learning organization | Encourage development and education |Celebrate our colleague’s accomplishments | Keep one another informed | Attract new professionals with demographic, educational and ethnic diversity

3. Support each other through communication, collaboration and professional development.

Educate the University community about SA and our role | Brand Student Affairs programming | Support each other through communication, collaboration and professional development | Educate our students about our individual roles and the broad vision for SA

4. Create new opportunities to collaborate with other divisions and units on campus.

Build relationships with those outside our division | Support and celebrate outside programming that supports our mission | Become a resource for academic units who wish to enhance learning opportunities | Think strategically about combining in class and out of class experiences | Learn about areas outside of our division Learning Objectives Cognitive Complexity
Knowledge, acquisition, integration and application
Civic Engagement
Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Competence
Practical Competence
Persistence and Academic Achievement Confirm Location Confirm Sponsors and Partners Design Room Layout The Ferguson Center
Forum/Room 360
Anderson Room
Bryant Conference Center
The Quad
Presidential Park
Moody Music
The Zone Safety & Risk Vendors & Purchasing Bob Pugh: bpugh@fa.ua.edu Flyers Facebook Twitter Constant Contact UA Calendar Student Affairs Calendar Big Screen Promo CW Calendar Create list of all supplies needed Provide production schedule to all partners, vendors and volunteers Monitor event and ensure schedule is followed Use learning objectives to create questions that evaluate the learning outcomes
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