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No description

Jade Shionoya

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Exibition



I think we should use less energy to stop global warming. If we don’t want animals like polar bears or penguins to be harmed or go extinct, then we should stop using too much energy. I plan to stop using more energy than I need to help animals and our environment.

Energy use by humans can lead to global warming. Scientists have spent decades trying to figure out what is causing global warming.
The only way to explain the pattern is to include the effects of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted by humans.The world we live in uses a lot of energy.
There are a number of different energy sources that could be used. The energy supplied in household electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Energy is transferred from the power source to components in an electric circuit. Energy transfer in electrical appliances is always less than 100 percent efficient. Fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), bio fuels, wind, waves, solar radiation and nuclear fuels are all primary sources of energy.
Cool water fact : It takes 200,000,000 liters per second to grow food for the planet
Energy is good and bad. I am here to talk about the bad part. We use a lot of energy and that is a key factor in global warming. If you ride in your car, or charge your iPod, or play minecraft on your computer, you are releasing carbon dioxide.
This is a picture of a factory.
Did you know 300 gallons of water are used to every day to make newsprint?wow That's a lot of water just to make a newspaper! human water use Affect Energy and the environment. water is all around us. we see it fall from the sky,fill our sinks and flow smoothly down a long lazy river. we see birds drink from rain puddles,and we dive cool clear lakes on hot summer days. the main way we get water is by drinking it. 70 percent of water is in our body.If we did not have water then how could we cool down on a hot day.If we did not have water we would die.

cool water fact
This is a factory that is releasing a lot of smoke.
It starts with the sun. It sends light and heat to our big blue marble. Without looking at human activity, some of the light that comes in goes out. But the light that goes out is infrared.Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, absorb the infrared light for a little bit, and then release it and then more greenhouse gases absorb it, then release it. Absorb, release, absorb, release, absorb, release.After a little bit of this, the infrared light is released into space and it keeps our earth warm so life can live. When we put humans into the equation, it gets a lot worse. We add more greenhouse gases which makes the absorb release cycle longer. That makes our earth warmer.
I found this and I thought it was a great representation of the earth.
Compostion of Air
we use water not just for drinking we use water for lots of things like cleaning,taking a shower,we just use it for everything
water is also healthy for you
human water use affec
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