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Jessica Kronenwett

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Structure

Ellis Island and U.S. immigration
in the 19th century
Laura Echtenacher
Konstanze Jenkner
Jessica Kronenwett
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
• History of Ellis Island
• Arrival and procedure to Ellis Island
• Reasons for immigration
• Ellis Island today

: peak year -> 1,25 mio. immigrants were received

: US entered WWI

: E.I reopened after WWI

-US entered WWII

E.I officially closed

1892-1954: more than 12 mio. people entered the USA

Reasons to immigrate

Immigration Museum opened
• Museum tour
• Wall of honor -> 700.000 individuals and families engraved
• E.I. famous in movies and poetry

American Family Immigration History Center opened

Peopling of America Center (Part I)

Peopling of America Center (Part II)

Entrance Hall
Wall of honor
Museum tour
Isle of hope
Isle of tears
• Size of island doubled from 3,3 acres-> to over 6 acres -> to 27,5 acres
- by landfill obtained by ship ballast
- earth from construction of NYC subway system

: 1st E.I immigration station opened
• Annie Moore -> 1st immigrant to pass
• poverty
• religious persecution
• political reasons
• economic reasons
--> build a better life
American Dream with its Golden Door " Ellis Island"
Solution: USA!
1.Travel journey

Travel journey
- 1st and 2nd class cabin passengers
<-> 3rd class steerage passengers
Stature of Liberty as symbol of freedom and welcome for arriving immigrants
Luggage room
- immigrants leave their belongings here until their inspections are done
The stairs
- 1st inspections while going up the stairs from luggage room to registry room:
-> docs watch the immigrants from 2nd floor
Registry room
- waiting for inspections
Medical inspection
- "six second physical test"
- eye exam
-> diagnosis is marked with chalk
Legal inspection
- interview with registry clerk based upon the information found in the ship´s manifests. If the answers match those found on the manifest, the individual is declared free to land
Stairs of separation
- right: west or south
- left: New York City or north
- center: hospital or dormitory
- legal detainees wait for their case to be reviewed
- medical detainees are cared for at the hospital
Kissing post
- meeting point for families and friends
• Colonial governors of Nieuw
Amsterdam purchased mudbank
• Names:
- Kioshk (Indians)
- Gull Island
- Oyster Island (Dutch)

• Samuel Ellis -> owner

• Owner -> federal government

• Castle Garden -> immigration center before Ellis Island
Arrival and Procedure
Cannato, Vincent (2009). American Passage – The history of Ellis Island. New York: Harper.
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Trip advisor NYC
• visit Ellis Island + Statue of Liberty
--> $ 18
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