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Social Media in the Classroom TIC 2013

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Deb Henkes

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Media in the Classroom TIC 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Social Media in the Classroom
7 Ways Educators Can Use Facebook
1. Connect to students where they are at and embrace 21st Century Learning
2. Schedule learning & provide resources
3. Absent students stay in the loop
4. Promote good citizenship
5. Use Facebook's Groups and Pages features to communicate and collaborate
6. Connect with parents
7. Use as a PLN
Account Settings
Privacy Settings
Facebook Boundries as an Educator
Regardless of what screen name you use you can be traced and identified.
Do NOT accept students as "friends".
Monitor postings from other "friends" and promptly remove postings or friends that are inappropriate.
Do not post comments about your job, colleagues, or students.
Stay away from personal information or references to things in your personal life such as references to sex, drinking, partying, etc.
Do not post photographs of you or your friends engaged in what could be considered inappropriate behavior, even if it is a joke.
Be cognizant of the "causes" you join and pages you promote. All of these create an image of you.
Why use Twitter?
Engage students
Be aware of what students are doing
Following in a school environment
Creating PLN
Students are using it - their level
Up to minute updates on your class(es)
Positive promotion of technology as a tool #CRCSDeagles
Twitter Settings
Check privacy settings
privacy box
your username is what?
profile photo?
talk about work...
Who's following you?
Teacher account or private account?
Language of Twitter
a follow = person of interest OR could be YOU
a mention = @username
a retweet = RT @username
a hashtag = #topic of interest
a direct message = like an email - 1:1 convo
a URL shortner = tinyurl / bit.ly / goo.gl
Using Twitter with Students
creating collaborative haiku, poetry, story
upcoming assignments, tests and quizzes
students tweet real-time questions/thoughts during lecture
late starts - early dismissals
discussions about content
historical character tweets
activity promotion - sports, fundraisers, contest
study guide, key points, vocabulary - use of hashtag
constructive feedback, peer or teacher
Twitter Boundaries

Tweet info to students: include @principal and invite/inform parents.

Ask your principal to follow you!

Direct message with students???

Keep public and private separate !

Google yourself!
What Can YOU Do?
Pay attention
Don't ignore it
When you see something - do something
Remain calm
Deal with students individually
Hold bystanders accountable
Get appropriate help
Additional training
Be Approachable!
School Suspensions Discipline
Disruptive speech or actions (Tinker)
Lewd or vulgar speech or actions (Frasier)
School-sponsored speech or activities (Hazelwood)
Activities associated with illegal drug use (Morse)
Dealing with Sexting
Texting students?
Wrap Up
Limit student access to your sites
NEVER discuss students or colleagues
If using a site for instructional purposes...
Do not ask to be a student's friend...
Monitor your site regularly and remove
Google yourself
Don't access site or other non-school sites with school equipment, time or with other school resources
People Search @Pipl
Google Yourself
Guard your privacy
Protect your reputation
Nothing digital is private
Assume everyone is watching
Follow the Golden Rule
Watch the clock
Choose wisely
Don’t hide
Is it true?
Be smart and safe!
Today's Meet
Alternatives to FB
Google Docs/Groups
Google Voice
Remind 101
Social Media Revolution 2013
School Technology
Digital Citizenship/Cyberbullying
Amy's site
Deb's site
Google Form
Moodle courses
shall be construed to mean any electronic, written, verbal, or physical act or conduct toward a student which is based on any actual or perceived trait or characteristic of the student and which creates an objectively hostile school environment.

From Iowa Code 280.28
5 Steps to Internet Safety
1. Stop
2. Screenshot
3. Block
4. Tell
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