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My (Geographical) Journey

No description

Paul Munday

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of My (Geographical) Journey

Getting from A (Lat:51.4049086435401 Long:-1.32209261378347)
to B (Lat:52.5533778606972 Long:-0.317456599847137)
My career progression...
Life as an Environmental Consultant with.
Other opportunities?

- GIS Consultant
- Climate Change/Futures specialist
- Environmental Planner

- Public/Gov body (e.g. Environment Agency, Natural England, Defra)
- Another consultancy (e.g. Royal Haskoning, Arup, AECOM etc.)
- Research post or lecturing (e.g. University, school or college)
So, why Geography?
- Develop varied skillset, not restricted
to one career path

- Transferable skills

- Opportunities to progress

- Fieldwork!
My (Geographical) Journey
Dr. Paul Munday (Atkins)
BSc Geography/Physical Geography
MSc Climate Change
PhD Environmental
Science and GIS
- Varied workload
A Levels
Land Use Consultants
(including Geography)
Geography, Maths, Fine
Art and Graphic Design
BSc Geography/Physical Geography (Oxford Brookes)

MSc Climate Change (University of
East Anglia - UEA)

PhD Env. Science and Geographic Information Systems (UEA)
Renewable energy feasibility assessment
Heritage assessments
Planning applications
3D visualisation
Environmental Impact Assessment
2/3D visualisation
Spatial analysis
Env. Impact Assessment
Hazards and risk
Climate Change adaptation and mitigation studies
Coastal change analysis
Water quality studies
Modules in:
- Hazards and disasters
- Britain's environmental history
- Geology
- Environmental change
- Glaciation
+ fieldwork!
longer timescale
Modules in:
- Environmental economics
- Policy and theory
- Adaptation and mitigation
- Impact assessment
- Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Shorter timescales (comparatively)
Software used for mapping and analysis
Impacts of climate change on the Norfolk

Developed computer model to predict
future land use change and investigated the
consequences for some important species

+ Drank lots of tea

- Time and budget pressure(s)
- Difficult clients
- Independent working
- Unpredictable workloads
Geographic Information System (GIS)
But there are challenges as well...
1 year on....
Following connection
During construction
Great Ryburgh - meander loop restoration

Present day
Illustration of detailed design on Great Ryburgh loop, River Wensum restoration
scheme in Norfolk
What is a GIS?
- Software used for spatial analysis,
querying and visualisation
- Answering spatial questions
(e.g. Distance from A to B)
- Creating maps/figures for
- Develop further work streams
- Make contacts/networking
- Work as an external contractor,
gain client perspective
- Great for improving skillset
Outside of Atkins...
Within Atkins...
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