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A Charm Invests a Face and Solitary Tree

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Wana Saiful

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of A Charm Invests a Face and Solitary Tree

Poem and Painting Analysis
When reading this poem your going to be confused and feel empathic to this woman. You feel confused because you don't know what will happen if she did reveal her flaws. Also you feel emphatic to her because she's living her life in a shell and she's not coming out of the shell. But in reality that is what everyone is doing hiding their flaws to perfect.

This poem can be interpreted to nature and it’s flaws. So this symbolism of the poem is beauty and it’s imperfection.

If there was a beautiful lady, you would only like her for looks and you wouldn't bother getting to know her. But if she revealed her flaws, you'd be intrigued.
Poetic Devices
This poem is fairly straightforward.
Even though the message of the poem is
harsh, this poem is a euphony.

There is an allegory to this poem. The allegory is that beauty does have its flaws and imperfection and when they show it everyone will notice it and might not like it. Also that everyone might like a person by only their looks not their personality.
Theme, Message and Ideas
The picture’s theme is loneliness and being different and how you get separated from the others.

You could see that this tree is different from the trees in the background. This photo shows you get separated from others just because your different.
The symbol is being separated and lonely. How there is a barrier between you and the others because of your flaws and difference.

How sad and terrifying it is that this is reality when your lonely. Everything is separated from you, you get treated differerently. It's literally like a barrier between you and the others
A Charm Invests a Face by Emily Dickinson
A charm invests a face
Imperfectly beheld.
The lady dare not lift her veil
For fear it be dispelled.

But peers beyond her mesh,
And wishes, and denies,
Lest interview annul a want
That image satisfies.

Theme, Messages and Ideas
The poem’s theme is beauty ; it’s flaws and imperfection. Also your perspective on a person. Do you like their personality or their looks?

This poem's idea was that beauty has its flaws. They always try to cover it because when they show it, people might not want to see it.

Also if you cover your flaws people would only want to meet you and talk to you because of your looks not who your are.
Solitary Tree
by Caspar David Friedrich

The mood created when looking at this photo is sadness. You start to realize that being lonely is one of the worst feelings on the world. So when looking at this picture, you feel sad and sorry for this tree.

You might also start to imagine what would happen if you were this lonely.
The image I get in my mind when reading this poem is revealing your true beauty and how terrifying it can be. I see a woman revealing her veil and scared what people might think about her.

You might get separated from others if you show your flaws, so what the lady's thinking is that if she doesn't show the flaws everyone will like her for her looks only.
The imagery used is just one tree separated from the other trees because the tree is different.

The one tree is being separated or treated differently from others because of it's flaws, imperfection and difference from the others and how lonely it could actually be.
The poem and picture both talk about
beauty and its imperfection. The poem talks about hiding the flaws whilst the picture talks about what would happen if you show the flaws.

Both talk about reality. If you hide your flaws people will only like your looks and won't bother getting to know you. And if you show those flaws you will get separated because your different, there will be a barrier between you and the others.
This poem can easily be interpreted to nature. The beauty of nature and it's flaws. If you compare them both, the poem is actually talking about the tree.

This is what happened when the tree showed its flaws and imperfection. The poem talks about why it is best to hide the flaws because if you show them, you'll end up like the tree in the photo. Lonely, sad and there is a barrier between yourself and the others.
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