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Study Skills for Success Review

Beginning with identifying learning styles and moving through annotating, note-taking, and time management.

Kenet Adamson

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Study Skills for Success Review

Tricks and Techniques to Study Effectively
Study Skills
What is your learning style?
Deliberate and careful interaction with the text.

Ask questions of the author.
Debate a point.
Pay a compliment.
Clarify a point made by the author.

This is where you can deepen your understanding of something in the text.
When listening to a lecture, you'll want to write down important points as the instructor is lecturing.

Skip articles (a, an, the)
Use Symbols (&, +, #)
Skip vowels (mprtnt, rmmbr, tst)
Skip lines
Pay attention to how the instructor organizes information
Take highlighting a step further! When you highlight something in the text, write in the margins why you highlighted it. For example, is it an interesting point made by the author? Something you need to remember for a test? Do you have questions? Need to clarify? Define?
After class...
Highlight, in the same color, related ideas in your notes.
Draw arrows, add illustrations, define or clarify terms.
Share your notes with classmates!
If the instructor is lecturing about your text, add page numbers! If s/he is lecturing about a video that you have access to, add minute markers. Add anything to your notes that will connect with other materials from the course!
take appropriate breaks
take the first step!
avoid distractions
use your free time wisely
set aside time for a weekly assessment
Time Management
Remember...there is a statistic out there that says that students can only write down 25 of the 125 words spoken by an instructor per minute.
pens, pencils, highlighters
Organization Techniques
For this activity, you are going to read this article and annotate as you go. Remember that you should think about terms that you need to define, questions you may have for the author, and important points that the author is presenting.
Wall Calendar
Google Calendar
Find a way to organize your time-whatever works for you
Paper clips
any trick that works for you!!!!
accordion file
to-do lists
schedule study time
family calendar
schedule family time
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