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The Brand is Right!

How does your brand measure up? Care to test it on The Brand is Right?

Alicia of Crowder House

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of The Brand is Right!

The Brand is Right! Logos & Slogans What is a brand? What makes a brand strong? How does your brand measure up? Brand Yourself Create & Script your business identity. Use that brand as the basis for your business's overarching mission - and marketing campaign. Whatever you do - stick with it. Essentially, what comes to mind when your customers think of you

It's an identity, a concept

It's more than what you do, it's what makes you unique Simplicity - conveyed in one short sentence

Unique - it must be different

Memorable - use rhymes, visual cues or short statements/slogans (Just do it.)

Emotional - appeal on a meaningful level (I'm lovin' it.) Find someone here who you don't know. You each have 5 minutes to tell the other about your business. Logos & slogans are not your brand - they are tools to help people remember your brand

When you see a logo, it makes you think of the brand or products

Use logos & slogans to etch your brand onto the minds of your target market
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