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camillo kraus

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Mitosis

Cell Cycle
My Presentation is about the cell cycle

I hope when you finished my prezi you can answer the BIG question.
How do the events of mitosis enable a cell to produce two genetically identical daughter
What is the Mitosis?
Before we are learning about the stage Mitosis you need to know that Mitosis has 4 smaller stages.
This are the four stages:


Why is there a Mitosis?
Because when there wouldn't be Mitosis maby when the cell divides the two DNA's would be in one cell and the other has no DNA. Then the other cell with no DNA wouldn't work. That is why you need the stage Mitosis.

Stage1: During prophase the chromatin that is in the nucleolus change to chromosome (chromosome=double rod structures). The chromosome have two rods(rod=chromatids) that are held together by centromere. The two chromatids has two times the same DNA so the other cell will be identically. In the same time the nucleus develop breaks down. Outside in the cytoplasm spindle fiber form a bridge between the ends of the cell.
Now all the pieces get ready for the big split. The chromosome line up along the central axis so the spindle fiber can attach on the centromere. On the pictorial you can see that there is no nucleus envelop.
So I think the a Anaphase is the beginning of the cell division, but Anaphase is only a preparations for the big cell division. Durind Anaphase the centromeres split and the two chromatids separate each of them have the same DNA that they use to make a cell work. Each chromatid becomes a new chromosome. The new chromosome move in the opposite ends of the cell and stretch the cell apart.

During Telophase the chromosome begin to strech out and more and more you can see the shape of two cells. Slowly the cell createds a new envelop around the chromosomes and the chromosome lose there shape and diffuse. Along with telophase, in the cell happens a process called cytokinesis that divides the cell in two daughter cells. what I did not really mention was that during all this stages all the organelles in the cell duplicate and then all the duplicated organelles go to the daughter cell.
The End
Thanks for watching
This is a cool link were you can see the cell cycle in real:
The Cell cycle
What is the cell cycle?
The cell cycle is, when a cell is getting to big and can really control it self anymore then there is going to be a cell division. It is going to divide into two identical cell with the same DNA and then the two cells are getting again to big so they are going to divide again,... The Important thing is that the cell cycle has three stages: Interphase, Mitosis and Cytokinesis. We are going to learn about them.
Why is there a cell cycle?
There is a cell cycle because we need it so we get bigger and older and they make the a new skin when you get cut.
What is Interphase?
Interphase is the first stage of the cell cycle. During the beginning of the Interphase the cell grows to his full size and make copy's of organelles that the second cell will need it will also produce more ribosomes for the daughter cell. In the next part it will make a identical copy of the DNA . This part is called Replication part, it is very important because in the DNA is the basic kit of the cell.
Why is there a Interphase?
There is a Interphase because when there wouldn't be one then there would only be a cell with the cell membrane and the nucleus envelop with nothing inside. So there wouldn't be a daughter cell that would work when there wouldn't be a Interphase.

What is the Cytokinesis?
Cytokinesis is the third and last stages of the cell cycle. The Cytokinesis started about the same time as the Telophase. At the Cytokinesis the cell membrane go togetter at the middle of the cell. The cytoplasm pinches into two cells. Each daughter cell gets about the half of the organelles.

Why is there a Cytokinesis?
When there wouldn't be the cytokinesis all the stages before would be for nothing because the Cytokinesis is the end it is is the moment when the cell really divides in two cells.
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