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JFK - History Project

No description

Kate Round

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of JFK - History Project

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the president of the United States from 20th January 1961 to 22nd November 1963.
He was born May 29th 1917 and died November 22nd 1963 (aged 46). This was due to his assassination in Dallas, Texas during his motorcade. It is thought that the perpetrator was a man named Lee Harvey Oswald, however he was murdered before his trial so the truth was never revealed. Since then there have been many conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of President Kennedy, meaning many believe that Oswald was innocent.
JFK was in office for 1,036 days before he was assassinated. He was America's youngest president ever elected and many didn't trust his judgements as he was considered quite young compared to previous presidents when he took over. During his time in office he had to deal with The Cuban Missile Crisis - in which many thought that America was doomed and heading for a nuclear war.

Although some thought Kennedy as young and naive, he was much loved and respected throughout other American citizens. The charismatic young president
was the first president to fight for black people's civil rights, he also cut taxes while finding ways to improve education, the arts and the environment. He was like royalty.

His death shook the nation.
The suspected assassin was named Lee Harvey Oswald. He was sighted at the Texas School Book Depository at the time of JFK's assassination, the direction of which the bullets supposedly came from.

After the death of Oswald many have been fascinated by him, posing the question: Was he capable of killing JFK?
Oswald was born October 18th 1939 in New Orleans. He grew up with his older brother, Robert Lee Harvey Oswald, his mother, Marguerite Frances Claverie and his older half brother John Edward Pic. His father died of an heart attack a few months before he was born. During 1944 his mother moved the family to Fort Worth, Texas and then to New York where Oswald was to move from school to school due to his 'odd' behavior.
At the age of 12 Oswald and his mother went to live in New York. They stayed with his older brother John Pic and his wife. Shortly after they arrived after a heated argument Oswald supposedly threatened Pics wife with a pocket knife concluding in him and his mother leaving the pair and finding a new place to live.

Oswald was doing poorly at school and was subsequently diagnosed with dyslexia. Oswald was involved in many fights with his school peers as many made fun of his western accent and clothing, this and his dyslexia resulted in Oswald skipping school often.
Oswald was sent to the New York City Youth House, in 1952, for truancy. Here he was kept under constant psychiatric surveillance. A summary made by Dr Hartogs, the chief psychiatrist, of Lee stated: "This 13 year old well built boy has superior mental resources and functions only slightly below his capacity level in spite of chronic truancy from school which brought him into Youth House.
No finding of neurological impairment or psychotic mental changes could be made. Lee has to be diagnosed as 'personality pattern disturbance with schizoid features and passive-aggressive tendencies.' Lee has to be seen as an emotionally, quite disturbed youngster who suffers under the impact of really existing emotional isolation and deprivation, lack of affection, absence of family life and rejection by a self involved and conflicted mother."
Lee idolised his brother, Robert, and wanted to follow him into the marines. After one failed attempt where he lied about his age, he joined the following year when he was 17.
During his time in the marines Lee was court martialed twice (the first for illegal possession of non- authorised fire arms and the second for assaulting a sergeant), had a nervous breakdown and accidentally shot himself in the arm. In 1959 he requested discharge after claiming that he had to look after his ill mother.

Soon after his release from duty in the marines he wanted to live in Russia, this was because of his strong communist beliefs. He lived in Moscow for a while but when his visa ran out he attempted to commit suicide in a hotel room and was placed in a psychiatric ward for the most part of his stay at the hospital. Soon after Lee renounced his U.S. citizenship and stayed another year in Russia.

Lee goes to Minsk and in March 1961 Lee meets and marries a women named Marina Prusakova. Lee notified the U.S. Embassy of his news and requests to move to leave the Soviet Union accompanied by his new wife. A few months before their departure they have a child, June.
The family arrive in Fort Worth and eventually get a place of their own. By this time Oswald often is violent towards his wife and is being carefully watched by the F.B.I.

Sometime afterward Lee orders a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver and a 6.5mm Carcano Sniper Rifle. The riffle he orders is the gun that killed JFK.

This photo was taken before his attempt to kill retired General Edwin Walker. At the time Lee was pro-Castro and for a time wanted to move to Cuba. Therefore his motivation for this attempted assassination was because Walker was anti-Castro, a right wing fascist and wanted to invade Cuba.

What do you think? Is Lee Harvey Oswald capable of killing JFK? Did he act alone?
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