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No description

Harmonie Baxter

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Sorry.

Sorry. Oh dear, where should I start? "Every poem is an apology for something" Too bad I'm not writing a poem, eh? Do you remember that time,
I poked you in the eye? Yeah, well sorry for that.. Do you remember that time,
I said I'd be back? Well, Sorry for that too,
I'm not one to remember. You know that time..
When I forgot your gym shorts? Truth is.. I CAN'T FIND THEM. :( Do you remember that promise? That I forgot to keep? Well, That's good. Cause, quite Frankly. I CAN'T REMEMBER. I'm sorry I couldn't be. That one person. That could keep you happy. I'll try harder! That's a Promise. One that won't be forgotten. One I could really keep! Oh,and I'm sorry, For making you feel. Like you've done something wrong. You did nothing. But make me smile I really do apologize. You were a special person. There was nothing you couldn't do. Except for Basket-ball. Stick to Video games,
My dear. What could I say? That would make you see. How sorry I am. But people make mistakes! Some they can't fix without a little co-operation. But I've tried to make everything better. Just like things were. Can't blame one for trying, Right? See, Poems aren't always appologies. But we're only human. You seem to have forgotten, That's the one thing I can't appologize for. And that's
Just being,
me. And that's simple. The one thing I refuse to appologize for. For being. Me.
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