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Cole Abugov

The path that has brought me to where I am today.

Cole Abugov

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Cole Abugov

This is me Birth I, Cole Abugov, was born on
August 18th, 1995 around 10:30pm, at eight pounds and ten ounces; this was the beginning of my great journey bringing me to where I am today. I was born into a loving, caring family, with
many relatives there to greet me. It is a day that
I celebrate yearly. Now that you have a view
details about me my story can truly unfold! Sister My life goes on: I learn how to eat, walk, talk, and watch television. In essence,
I learned the essentials of young life. Then about two and a half years into my life I was introduced to my sister Caitlin. Obviously, this was a new addition to my family meaning that I would have a new sister which has influenced
my life in many positive ways. Through being with Caitlin I likely learned some of my earliest relationship skill but more specifically how
to argue. Baseball The next big step in my life was learning how to play baseball. I began playing when I was only eight years old and instantly fell in love with the game. Although some found it boring, I always had the drive to continue playing and steadily improve. I would always be playing catch with my dad or friends and learning how to play definitely helped me form new bonds and friendships. Even today I am still playing competitively, and enjoying it just as much as I did when I was playing in the backyard with my dad. It taught me how to persevere even when times got tough. Golf Learning to play golf allowed me to spend more
time with my grandparents than I usually would
and at the same time learn a new sport that I can
use even in my old age. I still enjoy playing golf
with my grandparents and others. Crestwood Although it was not my decision to go to Crestwood, I anxiously went my first day, not knowing anyone who attended. Instantly I made many friends, and quickly began to enjoy my time there. I spent seven years progressing through. Over time, the school turned into a comforting place to grow and develop into the person I am today. Greenwood
At first, I was apprehensive about moving to Greenwood because it meant that I would leave many of my friends that I made at Crestwood. On my first day I was pleasantly surprised on how nice the teachers were and I even made a few friends! Additionally, the school taught me to respect all parts of the community, and how to give back to it. It taught me how to lead instead of follow, and set an example for impressionable minds. It taught me to be polite, and how to forge new, lasting relationships. I could go on, but the paragraph would go on for an extraneously long time. In essence, Greenwood was a major factor that affected my life. Over the years since, I have experienced some of the best memories that I have ever had at school and since am very happy that I made the decision to go there. Shelby My family got a golden retriever Shelby and she has made a positive impact on my family’s life. Having a dog also helped me learn values such as perseverance, responsibility and patients which come with taking care and training a pet. I had to walk, feed, and play with dog at various parts of my day. She also provides a good distraction when you are trying to get work done! Camp I decided one day that I wanted to go to a summer camp, mostly because some of my friends were going, and it was supposedly a fun way to spend someone’s summer. Influenced by friends who were attending, I chose to go to Camp Manitou; many of my close friends would be going in the upcoming summer. This was a brand new experience for me, but allowed for many new experiences and lessons that could not be acquired anywhere else. It taught me how to form close bonds with friends, living with others in a shared environment, living without basic technology and more. Sports Fan At this time, I became a big fan of sports, and would divulge myself in most anything to do with them. For example, I started hockey, tennis, football and baseball with my friends and was also a member at a sports activity group. Sports were some of my first hobbies, and contributed to my life in many ways. Drums At the time I was playing trumpet at school, and although I was skill was progressing I wasn’t happy with the instrument. After that point, I began playing the drums and instantly fell in love with them. At first, I just enjoyed hitting things, but over time I have gotten a lot better and discovered lots of new music. Now I can play many songs and rhythms! Learning to play music was not a simple task, and has helped me develop skills in practicing and persevering until I could get it right, further expanding on the values that were taught to me when I was younger. Painter In the summer I got a job painting individual storage units in a storage facility which was arduous but also rewarding. After weeks of work I made some money which I put into buying a drum kit which I currently use. Working for things that I wanted showed me that it took hard work to get something that you want, but with that, you are rewarded in the end. Cole Abugov John McDonald LIFE And that's me
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