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The Hobbit: An Un-Expected Journey Monomyth

No description

Brian Jockers

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Hobbit: An Un-Expected Journey Monomyth

The Hobbit's
Un-expected Journey

The company of Thorin Oaken-Shield invites Bilbo to join their quest. The company consists of Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin. They can be seen in the image above.
Night or Sea Journey
Bilbo travels to vast lands like the elven kingdom, the forests, the mountains and all over middle earth
Ritual Death or Dismemberment
Bilbo is thought to be dead twice. When he was on the mountains giant rock people were having a war and it appeared that bilbo was crushed. Bilbo also didn't escape at the same time as the dwarves when they were captured.
Ultimate Boon/Magic Elixir
Bilbo finds the ring that gives him inisibility and the ring plays a major part in the series The Lord of The Rings.
Rescue from Without
Gandalf summoned the eagles which saved the dwarves from imminent death by falling off the cliff, burning to death and being killed by the Orc warriors
The Call To Adventure
Bilbo Baggins is in front of his home when Gandalf the Great wizard Asks him if he would like to embark on an exciting adventure
Refusal of the Call
Bilbo is uncomfortable at the idea of leaving his perfectly safe home and risking losing his life to a powerful fire breathing dragon. Bilbo refuses to sign the contract to join the dwarves company.
Answer of the Call
Bilbo comes to the realization that he is doing nothing fun with his life and he heads off to catch up with all the other dwarves and leaves for the journey.
Gandalf serves as the Guide/Mentor in this story. Gandalf shows great strength and courage for his old age and
Supernatural Aid
Gandalf serves as the Supernatural aid as well as the mentor due to his amazing magical powers and wits. Gandalf saved the company of dwarves multiple times and made the journey possible to keep moving on.
Crossing the Threshold
Bilbo moved over vast lands and the first time he "Crossed the Threshold" was wen he left his home to join the dwarfs. He also goes in the forest and into the mountains and goblin city and elven city.
Threshold Guardians
The pale orc seeks to kill the group of dwarves and will kill anyone with them. The pale orc sends his henchmen to go out and hunt down the dwarves.
Road of trials
Bilbo's biggest fear early on was leaving the shire and that was accomplished when he realized how boring life was there. Then Bilbo had to use his wits to stall the giants from eating his friends. He also had to escape from the creature under the goblins. Bilbo also had to hide from the orc ambush and save Thorin.
Bilbo was abducted by goblins while camping out in the mountains with the group.
Dragon Battle
Bilbo towards the end, kills many wolfs with his newly acquired sword and attacks the pale orc and kills one of his henchmen.
Sacred Marriage
Bilbo does not have a legitimate love towards thorin but he admires and looks up to him.
Magic Flight/Pursuit
The dwarves are saved from certain death when Gandalf Summons giant eagles to catch them and save them from the Orcs
Freedom to Live
Bilbo is not free to go back home because he signed a contract to stay with the group and help them regain their homeland. They will reach their home in the sequel .
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