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Children's Internet Resources for ages 0-8

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Amy Lufkin

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Children's Internet Resources for ages 0-8

Educational Internet Resources Fact Monster
http://www.factmonster.com/ This site provides children and parents with a guide to reliable websites that encourage children to explore topics of interest. Children can play games that help strengthen their knowledge of math, spelling, and reading. The Cool Places tab organize websites by subject. It is a great place to explore if your youngster is in need of some homework help. 4kids.org also attempts to engage children with their Ask Amy section where children can ask questions concerning the Internet. Fact Monster is mainly a kid's online almanac. It provides facts about
world countries, science, math , and other trivia. The site contains a built in online dictionary and thesaurus. You can also play online games. It is great source to use for homework questions. Highlightskids
http://www.highlightskids.com/ Highlightskids is the online companion to the print edition. The website is primarily for school age children between 5-10 year old, but lower grade kids would also enjoy this site. Kids can play games, such as Hidden Pictures. They can listen to stories and poetry under the link Read It. There is also area where you can find directions for science experiments, crafts, and cooking recipes, which located under the link Make It. ABCya.com
http://www.abcya.com/ ABCya is a website made up of a variety of educational computer games. It is organized by grade levels k-5. Each grade level section cover age appropriate material on letters and numbers. All the games are chosen by certified teachers. RIF Leading to Read
http://www.rif.org/kids/leadingtoreading/en/leadingtoreading.htm The RIF Leading to Read website is designed to help babies and toddlers develop good reading skills. The website is divided into two section. Each section contains age appropriate activities for kids age 0-5 years. Parents can have the kids listen to a variety of stories and songs. There is also helpful information for parents. National Geographic Kids
http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/ National Geographic Kids provides a lot information on animal wildlife and international travel. You can find great photos of animals and insects along with videos. It also gives you information about different countries of the world. These country reports also feature videos and maps along with printable material for project and homework assignments. Kids can also play educational games that teach kids about animals and the environment. This site is great for preschool and all elementary level kids. 4Kids.org
http://www.4kids.org/ Smarty Games
http://www.smartygames.com/index.php Smarty Games is site filled with a variety of educational games. All of the games are free. It features games on money, counting, and coloring. It even includes puzzles. This website is appropriate for pre-k and early elementary school children. Poisson Rouge
http://www.poissonrouge.com/enfants.php Ziggity Zoom
http://www.ziggityzoom.com/ Ziggity Zome is more than just place where you can find online interactive games and stories. It also provides parents with ideas for different activities, such crafts and recipes. Parents and teachers can print out puzzle worksheets. There are also pretend play environments to help kids develop their creativity. Ziggity Zoom also has articles on parenting. It's a site that is designed for children ages 2-8, and clearly wants to promote parent and child interaction. Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning Environment
http://ele.fredrogerscenter.org/ The Fred Rogers Center Early Learning Environment (ELI) provides an innovated online learning environment where parents and educators can discover electronic resources that support early developmental learning. You can find age appropriate games, music, and e-books. This website has an interactive feel to it , since you are shown a video explaining the contents of the website by an avatar like person. The material on the website focuses on children from birth to age five. Parents can set-up their own account called My Eli, which will allow you to post messages and create a resource play list. The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids
http://www.almanac4kids.com/ This website is the online version of the Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids. It is set-up as an interactive guide, which teaches facts about the weather, astronomy, agriculture, and the outdoors. You can input your zip code to look up your local weather. It will also provide you with information about moon phases. You can also find factual information about animal habits. It is mainly a good source for students who want to learn more about weather and sky gazing. The site also has a variety of online puzzles as well. Climate Kids
http://climatekids.nasa.gov/ Climate kids is a digital resource that explains the factors that contribute to climate change. It covers how it effects the air, ocean, fresh water, plants, and animals. Kids can watch videos and play games. They also learn about recycling and green careers. PBS Kids Raising Reader Kids Island
http://pbskids.org/island/ ZIs Boom Bah
http://www.zisboombah.com/kids_home Kids Astronomy
http://www.kidsastronomy.com/ Hooda Math
http://hoodamath.com/games/ Hooda Math contains hundreds of math games. Kids can use these games to practices their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills. These games use common core state standards. The games are categorized by grade level and math type. Tate Kids
http://kids.tate.org.uk/ The Tate Galley has a website for kids to explore the world of art. Your child can upload their work to My Gallery by creating a profile. They can also play games and watch films. There is also a section on craft ideas. Games and craft projects are rated by difficulty. Dallas symphony Orchestra Kids
http://www.dsokids.com/ This website is great online source to help kids learn about classical music. Kids can learn about composers, instruments, and listen to music. This site also lets you play online games that familiarize kids with classical composers and different music periods in time. The content of this site is designed for all ages, but parents would probably have to help kids navigate this site in the beginning. Math is Fun
http://www.mathisfun.com/ Math is Fun attempts make learning math fun and simple. It covers all types of math from adding and subtracting to geometry. This site is for kids of all ages including high school level. Kids can test their knowledge of math through a variety of online games. The site also provides printable worksheets along with a math dictionary. National Gallery of Art Kids
http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/education/kids.html This is a great online resource that teaches children about art. Kids can explore their artistic ability with number of art creation tools. With these tools, kids can create abstract, landscape, and collage painting. NGA Kids website is suitable for children of all ages. Children can also use this website to explore the National Gallery's collection in a child friendly manner. Poisson Rouge is website that encourages kids to just play around. There are no rules about what you can do. Kids can just click on the many different objects at random. There are no age levels or direction of play. It mainly wants to encourage exploration without any boundaries. A wonderful websites for kids just learning how to use a computer. Kids Island is website where your child can play reading games and create their own island amusement park. You have to create an account for your child. There are eight levels that contain a number of reading games. Kids have the opportunity to win online prizes. This website allows you to see your child's progress as they move through the game levels. If you need fun resource to help your kid's learn about making healthy choices, then Zis Boom Bah is can really help. Kids can play online games that help them learn about healthy food. They can also create an account where they can network with friends online. Also, parents will find recipes for healthy meals and snacks. Kids Astronomy is a wonderful online source for kid's interested in space. It designed for kids of all ages. The site features many free online games where you can learn about everything from the stars to our solar system. There also a great resources available such as an astronomy dictionary. It also allows you to print sky maps under the link "The Sky Tonight." Children from Birth to Age 8
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