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by Justin Tennant, and Furu Sherpa

Furu Sherpa

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of WEED

Bads the good
implication Other states may follow to legalize marijuana, more liberty
Other countries have legalized, proving effective and more may make it legal.
Police can focus on more serious tasks.
Cancer patients will have easier access
The government will put taxes on them
People will have access to legal recreational use. the good
summary the bad
implication Other states are introducing plans to decriminalize small amounts of Marijuana such as: Rhode Island, Indiana, California, Illinois, New York, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. Angering conservative politicians and citizens.
Some people now think it is OK to use since the states legalized it.
Countries such as Uruguay have also planned to legalize marijuana.
Half of Americans do not support the legalization of Marijuana.
It is not legal in the federal level yet, but there are plans.
The sale of marijuana will have to be regulated by the government.
The illegal sale of marijuana may increase.
There would be greater access to marijuana.
Teenage marijuana usage may increase.
Police may have to deal with more criminal behaviors.
The health of the citizen may get worse, life expectancy will decrease. the bad
summary Small amounts of Marijuana has been legalized in the states of Colorado and Washington on Nov. 6, sparking a national debate about the legalization and use of marijuana. Marijuana is known to have various side-affect that harm users. It is also harmfully addictive. It is usually associated with oppressed ethnic groups and the "losers." If it is legalized many people will have a greater access to the drug. It is also the most commonly abused drug in the US. Medical marijuana is also controversial, and its benefits are not widely accepted. Legalized marijuana may not reduce illegal marijuana usage at all, it may increase it. The greater access of marijuana will affect the growth of teens and young adults. The use of marijuana is still illegal in any state under federal law. Our Opinions Goods THE WEED DEBATE the good and the bad
Marijuana should be legalized since people should be able to make their own decisions. Marijuana is no different than alcohol and tobacco, which are both harmful. It should be legal but still restricted. There maybe greater access, but this can be regulated. Illegal farming and selling will also decrease since there will be legals way to buy them. The new economy created will boast the US economy, and the taxes will put more money into the government. The legalization of marijuana will decrease drug related crimes such as drug trafficking. It will also allow police officer to focus on more serious crimes. BIBLIO-
GRAPHY images-
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