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Scrap Heap Magnet


erin wright

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Scrap Heap Magnet

A guide to scrap heap magnets
by Erin Wright & Harry West What can a
scrap heap magnet do? The Electromagnet What or they used for and why? Conclusion on Scrap
Heap Magnets Mechanically a electromagnet is relatively simple it uses a coil of, preferably, copper wire around a core made of a magnetic material. At a glance it looks like nothing more than a few scraps of metal but as soon as you apply a small electric current it becomes alive. The copper wire produces a magnetic field around the core, this charges the core just like any normal magnet. The advantage of an electro magnet is that it can be turned on and off. Magnetic Materials The only magnetic elements are iron, cobalt and nickel. this means that electromagnets can only attract these metals although they can also attract steel this is because steel is mainly made of iron. this is useful because it seperates the different metals and can be used to carry them to alotted places. They are used in big recycling centres to help sort out metals from plastic and other materiels. the other main place they are used is a car scrap heap to pick up and move scrap cars around the heap. The reason that electromagets are used as apposed to normal magnets because they are stronger attractraction and they drop things easier.
scrap heap magnets are very useful in the modern day because they are so easy to use and versitile
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