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My Wedding

Wedding Plans Assignment

sebastian lane

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of My Wedding

Double click anywhere & add an idea Sebastian's
Wedding Assignment The Wedding Day My wedding will be held at St.Andrews United Church located in the heart of Historic Fort Langley, British Columbia.All weddings held at St. Andrew’s are officiated by their minister.
Total fee: $600.00 Includes Minister, Organist, Wedding Co-Ordinator, rehearsal time and Service time.Deposit: $50.00 Non-Refundable deposit to confirm booking. Start the morning off with a nice breakfast in bed. Take a nice romantic jacuzzi bath After our bath hair dresser and make up artists show up and prepare us for the day. We then would be picked up by a stretch Hummer limousine, and driven to St. Andrews Church. My bride and I will get photo's taken by a photographer and also pictures of all the days events After the rings are exchanged and I kiss my bride we will procceed to the reception. The family and guests will stroll around down town Fort Langley and end up at the Fort Hall where there will be food and fun. There will be a toast and reception dinner. A DJ will be playing some of the hottest tunes including the ELECTRIC SLIDE..... The Honeymoon We would leave for the honeymoon 3 days after the wedding heading for HAWAII..Hawaii welcomes honeymoon couples with everything from active volcanoes to quiet walks on the beaches created by them. There is no shortage of activities or romance and the weather is fantastic . . . helicopter rides over the islands, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking through amazing terrain, sunset cruises, dolphin and whale watching, are among some of the activities we would do. Honeymoon Diary We stayed at the Hilton-Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. The best dive I have went on was here at garden eels, a night dive with the manta rays. It was an awesome experience. You rest at the bottom in about 35ft of water and shine your light up towards the surface. The phosphorescent plankton attracted to light start to swarm around you and then out of the blackness, at the edge of your vision, appears a HUGE Manta Ray gliding in to feed. Every night we ate at a new restaurant. but our favorite was Matteo's Italian Restaurant. Our first experience of Italian food was the Matteo'sand our favourite waiter extroidonairre J.J. We absolutely loved the restaurant and the exceptional service. Matteo's, a unique romantic atmosphere. The food is tasty and the service is miraculous I have never experienced a more classy restaurant than Matteos's, and I have eaten at a lot of fine dinning restaurants. Matteos's is in a league of their own
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