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all about koalas

read about koalas here

nicole micchia

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of all about koalas

by: Nicole Micchia All About Koalas animal description habitat young/babies food adaptations Koala’s love to climb trees and eat leaves but don’t get to close because of their sharp nails.
Koalas are marsupials because they are mammals that carry their babies in pouches. Koala’s fur is gray and white. They climb trees and have big noses. A fully grown koala can be up to Three feet long but most adults are Two feet long. In Australia males are bigger than females. They weigh about 10-30 pounds. Koalas can live up to 20 years or more. Koala’s fur is almost thick enough to be waterproof. They have ears that are covered in hair. Believe it or not koalas have a tail but it’s too short to see.
Fuzzy, furry, and cuddly the koala is looks like a cute little teddy bear. Koalas only live on one continent in the world which is Australia.
Koalas live where there is a special kind of leave called the eucalyptus leave. You can only find koalas in areas where these trees grow. Koalas live in a long strip of eastern Australia, closest to the Pacific Ocean. Because of the climate Victoria koalas have darker and thicker fur, they also are larger. They live in forests with lots of tree’s, plants, leaves, and some grass. They live with other Koala’s. Koalas usually live in eastern parts of Australia. Koalas live mostly in trees and when they’re not in trees eating leaves their sleeping (but they sleep in trees)
Koalas – They love eucalyptus leaves, but need to survive with trees. Believe it or not koala’s diet is only leaves!!!
The koala never drinks; it gets all the liquid from leaves/ Trees. The koala eats eaucalyptus leaves and some plants. The koala also eats acacia leaves and melaleuca leaves but koala’s favorite is defiantly eucalyptus leaves. Koala is the abogeriene word for no water. Koalas are omnivores because all they eat are leaves and plants. Large eagles are predators to koalas. Wild dogs called dingoes are dangerous for koalas on the ground. Before a koala eats a leave they first smell and check it.
Koalas can be fussy eaters sometimes, if their leave isn’t perfect they leave it alone and move on to the next one.
When koalas are born they are pink and are hairless.
When koalas are born they are no bigger than a jellybean. They stay in their mothers pouches for up to 5-6 months. When the koala is seven months old it can’t fit into the pouch so it rides on its mothers back. At five months a koala can hear and see and has a coat of fur. When a koala is six months old its fur is fully grown and its first teeth come in. When the koala is first born it weighs less than a penny. The koala looks like a tiny pink worm. The koala eats leaves when they are younger and drinks there mamas milk. The leaves taste like cough medicine which is good for them. Koalas cannot see or hear as babies all though they can smell.
Little cute koalas look like a tiny worm and stay in their mother’s pouches when they are young and babies. A lot of people think koalas are bears, they are not but their appearance looks like a cute cuddly teddy bear.
Koalas have a lot of muscle. They have special hands and feet to help hang on when they need to climb trees or if they are in danger. A koala has two bones that connect to the hipbone. Koalas move with their hands and feet. Koalas crawl to get to places. The koala has the same senses as humans they can hear, smell, fell, taste, and see. Koalas have really big eyes which helps them see really well even in the dark. Koalas have a special pocket called a pouch a females pouch is on her stomach. Koala’s closest relatives are wombats and possums. cool facts Did you know that there are different types of koalas? There are only 3.

They are the Victoria koala, the New South Wales, and the Queensland koala. In Australia they put koala crossing signs so they know that koalas are crossing. At birth the koala is no larger than a nickel. Females weigh up to 17 pounds and males weigh up to 26! Koalas stay in their mothers pouches for up to 5-6 months until; they are ready to join the new world. When people started hunting down koalas for their fur it became illegal because nearly 600,000 koalas were killed.

When a koala is first born it has no hair and looks like a worm!!! Bibliography:
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