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Austin and Nathan

No description

lib hist

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Austin and Nathan

John R. Fox
Anderson Richard
Fox was in the U.S army during world war two his division was defending a town in Italy but it was quickly overtaken by the axis forces Fox and a few other soldiers stayed to direct artillery Fire when the axis forces closed in on his position he directed artillery right on top of him the next morning John R. Fox body was found among 100 or more german soldiers John R. Fox stop the whole division in its tracks so that the u.s could retake the town
what is the medal honor?
John P. Baca
Anderson Richard was serving the fourth marine division during world war two during an encounter with the japanese Richard was preparing to throw a grenade at the enemy when the grenade slipped out of his hand rolling in the fox hole were him and three other marine were taking cover with very little time her threw his body on the grenade he saved the three marines but in the process sacrifice his life to do so.

On February 10Th 1970 John P. Baca was assigned to a reconciles rifle team at night for an ambush in the Vietnam war. His teams jobs was drastically changed when SP4C platoon was attacked. John decided to take action and help SP4C. Johns team suppressed fire into enemy lines so SP4C had some time to take cover. John and his team advanced and a grenade was infront of him and 8 other soldiers. John quickly decided to jump on the grenade with his helmet and himself. John took the grenade for his team, saving all 8 solider.
Medal of Honor

The medal of honor is a sign of
patriotism,valor,Honor and Courage these are all things that soldiers must be to receive such an award very few soldiers have the honor to receive this award These four soldiers have shown that they deserve the highest Reward that all armed force branches can receive

Daniel Nicky Bacon
On August 26Th 1968, Daniel Nick Bacon was on a operation with 1st company B and was quickly under fire. Bacon quickly decided to take charge of his team and brought his team into an assault. His team and him advanced to an enemy bunker and destroyed the bunker with grenades. Several men on Bacons team were injured so 3rd company B decided to help. The general in charge of 3rd platoon B was injured so Bacon decided to take charge of both teams. Bacon advanced onto a exposed deck of a tank and fired into enemy lines making the Vietnamese retreat.

all of these soldiers showed courage in the line of duty Anderson Richard showed courage by giving up his life for his country John R. Fox showed courage by also giving up his life to stop the enemy
Daniel nick Bacon showed courage by Taking control of 2 platoons when both leaders were dead
John P. Bacca Gave up his life when a grenade rolled into harms way hole and saved 8 soldiers
Honor is showed by these 4 men because they risked their lives for their comrades and the people of the U.S.A. they also showed honor for putting there life on the line for their country.
all four of these soldiers showed valor by Standing up for whats right whether it taking charge or giving up your life for their country

All of these soldiers showed Patriotism by stepping up for there country and putting there own life on the line for us so that we don't have to sacrifice anything
The information for these soldiers were found on Miltaryhistory.com and CMOHS.org
All four of these soldiers deserve the medal of Honor for there own heroic traits weather its giving up your life doing whatever it takes to stop the enemy or taking charge This is why Anderson Richard,John R.Fox,Daniel Nicky Bacca and John P. Baca All Receive the Medal of Honor
By Austin Eastman and Nathan Rasio
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