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Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

No description

Sandy S.

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

Sherlock Holmes
Clue #2

But, the lawyer said that at about 8pm, he had left Mr. Mulligan's office to go to the bathroom. After that he went to the kitchen to ask Sarah for a glass of wine.

He returned to the office at 8:15 to find it locked and immediately began banging on the door and shouting for Mr. Mulligan to open the door.

Mr. Johnson was in love with Mrs. Mulligan, many years ago.
But, Mr. Mulligan proposed to her first!

Dinner was late because no one could find Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. After 15 minutes they came downstairs together. Mrs. Johnson’s face was red.

The missing sword is in their bedroom.
Clue #1
Who is the murderer?
Mr. Mulligan collected old weapons and hung them on his office wall. One sword was missing when he was found.

At 7:35pm, Mr. Mulligan and his lawyer left the balcony saying they had some private business. They went directly to Mr. Mulligan's private office.

Sarah said:
"Mrs. Mulligan had once told me that she thought Mr. Mulligan had another woman and that if he did she’d kill him.”

Clue #3
Mr. Mulligan was found with a pen in his hand.
But, no paper was found on the desk or near.
The balcony only has 2 doors.
One to the dining room,
and one to Mr. and Mrs. Mulligan’s bedroom.

Mrs. Mulligan spilled her wine when everyone moved from the dining room to the balcony. It went all over the floor.

Mr. Mulligan had been researching charities. He wanted to start doing good in the world.

Mr. Hartley said:

Mr. Mulligan said that he wanted to make big changes to the company soon.”

Mr. Mulligan's wife
Mr. Mulligan's Best Friend
The red stains on the bedroom floor
lead from the balcony to the western

Which is the same wall as the door to his office.
The CEO stood behind everyone else during the
shooting stars. No one remembered him speaking or reacting at all to the stars.

Our report says that a little before 8:15, Mrs. Mulligan
heard Mrs. Johnson crying. She turned around to give
Mrs. Johnson a kleenex. Mrs. Johnson was patting
Mr. Johnson's back and saying, "I'm sorry."

Mr. Mulligan had once called Mr. Hartley to ask him if he knew any architects who could build secret doors.

The Killer is......
1. Find the killer!
2. Final answer = 6 sentences. Why?
At 8:15, everyone heard the lawyer shouting and they ran from the balcony to find him banging on Mr. Mulligan's office door which was locked. Mr. Hartley broke down the door and everyone saw the body.

Check the lawyer’s bank accounts, he’s been stealing from the company!

He’s got 5 million in a Swiss Bank Account.
Sherlock Holmes :
Mrs. Mulligan
Giving Opinions
Listen to the clues.

Give your opinion about who is the murderer (make an accusation) if you think you know.

Agree or disagree with other teams’ opinion.
I think the cab driver is the murderer.

I agree.

I disagree.

Final answer has to be 6 sentences!
He invited 6 people to watch shooting stars at his home!
Mr. David Johnson
Mrs. Susan Johnson
Mr. David Johnson's wife
Steve Holcombe
Mr. Mulligan's lawyer
Brad Hartley
Telecom Company President
The Maid
Dinner ended at 7:30pm, at which point everyone went out to the balcony to watch the shooting stars.

Sarah went to the kitchen to wash the dishes and she stayed there until 8:15pm when she heard the lawyer shouting and came running to see what had happened.

There’s a piece of blue fabric on the chair.

Mr. Hartley, Mrs. Mulligan, and Mr. Johnson were all wearing blue.

It was Mr. Hartley, the CEO of Telecom.
Mr. Mulligan was killed by the CEO, who suspected that Mr. Mulligan was going to ruin the company. Mr. Hartley knew about the secret door between the bedroom and the office, so when Mrs. Mulligan and the Johnsons were distracted by the shooting stars, at about 8pm, he slipped through the bedroom door from the balcony and opened the secret door to the office. He saw that Mr. Mulligan was writing documents to close TeleCom, Inc. and open a charity. Afraid he would lose his job, Mr. Hartley grabbed a sword off the wall and stabbed Mr. Mulligan through the heart and then stole the paper. He locked the door, left through the secret door and quietly came back on the balcony, just in time to hear the lawyer return and start shouting.
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