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Representation revision

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 14 June 2018

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Transcript of Representation revision

Representation Revision
Representation is...
How groups of people, places, issues and events are presented to us through the media
Component one section A texts
Water Aid
Kiss of the Vampire
The Times Trump Cover - front and back
The Mirror Trump Cover and inside pages
Lisbet Van Zoonen
Gender is constructed through discourse and it depends on context.
Objectification of women is a core element of patriarchal culture.
visual and narrative codes for male spectacle differ from female body.
Race and Representation
Tokenism - including a minority in a smaller role to look diverse

Whitewashing - taking roles that could be played by a minority and casting a white person.

Cultural appropriation - taking another culture and using it for your own purposes - often in a disrespectful way.
Stuart Hall
David Gauntlett - Identity
The media provide audiences and users with the resources to allow them to construct their own identities.
While in the past media products tended to convey straight forward ideas about ideal types of male and female identities, contemporary media products offer audiences a more diverse range of icons and characters allowing them to 'pick and mix' different ideas.
Bell Hooks
Feminism is a struggle to end sexist/patriarchal oppression.
Feminism is a political commitment rather than a lifestyle choice.
Race, class and sex decide the extent to which people are exploited/oppressed.
Bonus Theory
Laura Mulvey Male Gaze
Women are portrayed in the media from a heterosexual male perspective.
What you need to consider about representations
Who is in control of the representation?
How is the representation being constructed?
How do the representations position the audience?
Could different audiences respond differently to the representations?
How and why are stereotypes used positively and negatively?
How have wider contexts influenced the representations?
How does the media construct versions of reality (what kind of world is represented by the media products?)
Key term - Mediation
The selection and construction processes that a product go through before the audience sees it.
Representation is the way in which meanings are produced through the signs and codes that are part of media language.
Stereotyping reduces people to a few simple traits.
Stereotyping tends to occur where there are inequalities of power, for example minority groups in society may often be represented as 'other' or 'different'
Judith Butler
Gender Performativtity
Identity is performatively constructed by the very expressions that are said to be its results
No gender identity behind the expressions of gender
Performativity is not a singular act, but a repetition and a ritual.
Paul Gilroy - Post colonialism
Colonial discourses continue to inform contemporary attitudes to race and ethnicity.
Civilisation constructs racial hierarchies and sets up binary oppositions based on notions of otherness.
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