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Sierra Leone

No description

Dalton Rohrs

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Sierra Leone

By Dalton Rohrs Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Human Enviorment Interaction Absolute location-8°29.067N,13°14.067W

Relative Location- West of Nigeria south of Morocco Location Sierra Leone is 27,699 square miles, it is slightly smaller than the state of South Carolina. The population of Sierra Leone is 4.7 million people. The population has been increasing at just over 2 percent per year. Place Movement The nation’s thick rainforest shielded it from African empires and Islamic colonization up until the 1700s.With the third largest natural harbor in the world, Sierra Leone is a hub for international shipping. Sierra Leonean businesses mine diamonds, deforest and log. This has caused a sharp decrease in forested land since the 80s. Region Sieera Leone is located on the west coast of africa The country has four distinct geographical regions. In eastern
Sierra Leone the plateau is interspersed with high mountains. The upper part of the drainage basin of the Moa River is located
in the south of this region.The center of the country is a region of lowland plains, containing forests, brush and farmland.
The northern section of this has been categorised by the World Wildlife Fund as part of the Guinean forest-savanna mosaic ecoregion,
while the south is rain-forested plainsand farmland. In the west Sierra Leone has some 400 km of Atlantic coastline,
giving it both bountiful marine resources and attractive tourist potential Sierra Leone has fifteen to
twenty different ethnic groups Highways-There are 7,270 miles of highway in sierra leone
Railways-There are 52 miles of train tracks in Sierra Leone
Walking-Because of widespread poverty, and high petroleum prices walking is often the preferred method of transportation in Sierra Leone.
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