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No description

raviteja jallepalli

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Mytaxware.com

Thank you for your time.
What options do you have to file a return?
make notes
the umbrella of our product features
Introduction to tax filing
Online filing
Option 1
Option 2
Government website
Too many fields
Middlemen /
Have you ever thought ?
About the confidentiality of your financial data
Who files the returns finally?
Who is responsible for the mistakes in your returns?
Tax optimization
Middle men are those random stall setups or people who come down to your office.
Not a great idea to leave such sensitive documents to random hands
Random hands
Option 3
Option 4
it has to be
If it is online filing,
An example of our automation
Safe. Secure. Confidential
256 bit SSl encryption
AWS Amazon servers
Bank level security
Not even a digit can leak out of our data vault
We understand how sensitive your financial data is...
more than you do
Who are we?
What do we want from you now?
Spend 6 minutes of your valuable time
Know about our product
Share it with your employees, if you like it!
Mytaxware.com is a website
where salaried individuals
can file their Income tax returns
Complex terminology
Lot of automation
Smart Design
Investment advice
to sum up...
Your complete tax companion
Chartered Accountant
Time consuming
Busy man
Expert knowledge
Finding the right CA
Driving time
Waiting time
Response time
An average auditor has about 200 tax files ranging from rs 2,00,000 to rs 100 crores of income
A quality one hour spent by yourself can be more fruitful than a hasty 10 min spent by an expert
rs 1000 to 2000
But, mind the downside
No doubt, he has the
Chartered Accountant
Government website
File online
Option 1
Option 2
Slow speed
So, you should be an expert to file your return here.
Option 3
Option 4
Our product features will tell you why!
While others assume that are
either too or
We believe.. users are and
Our forms, website design, back end systems, employees, top management and our
is based on the premise...
Users are not tax experts
Comprehensive yet concise
File your returns for free
Get investment advice for free
Get your return filed with experts
Get help on your notices
Call up for any tax doubts
Learn about personal tax and finance through our blog
and more..
Your complete tax companion
So, your tax return is simpli
For an average salaried tax filer, 65% of the details come from form 16.
Employee uploads form 16
Using TAN we extract employer address from Income tax departments website
We saved
4 lines of your typing effort
2 mins of your time
a smile
on your face
At the click of a button our smart ware extracts most of the details and fills them for you.
It does not stop there..
possibility of errors
Extraction of details from form 16
TAN of the employer extracted
not just return filing..
We advice, assist and educate on tax issues
We beleive in Steve Jobs' idea

Safe. Secure
Smart design

Options for an employee to file his return
Chartered Accountant
Government website
File online
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