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Copy of Newspaper of The Future

No description

Timothy Kremer

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Newspaper of The Future


Authors: Alexis, Adam, Austin, Jake,Tim
March 5, 2014
At the top
With sites like Facebook and Twitter
that are ever growing, do you think Reddit will find itself in a simialr
situation as Digg?
What are some moves facebook can make to insure it doesnt fail like Digg.com?
Pros and Cons
The Next Popular Social Media
Who's Next To Fail?
Digital bulletin-board service

50 million users per month

Currently worth $3.8 billion
Micro-blogging social media

240 million users per month

Worth $24.5 billion
Social media

1.5 billion monthly users

Mark Z. worth $32 billion
What are the positives and negatives to a news site that organizes its stories using user input?
Users have a lot of control over that they want to see
As a user, you can use digg.com to:
Promote your website or blog
"Drive" a lot of traffic to your own page
Top users have the most control
Popularity has dwindled because of misinformation
Companies pay for submission, chanigng the original purpose of the site

Digg is an open source information website
Kevin Rose - co-foundeder
Boot strapped Digg with $1000
to develop and launch in 2004
Six months later - 25,000 users
2005 - 80,000 users and 500,000 vists
2007 - 1 million users
2008 - 2.7 million users

Submitters post news stories from
professional newssites
random postings from the web
Posted stories land in the Digg queue.
The queue is reviewed by casual users.
Users "Digg it"
click the "digg" button
article gets enough Diggs
meets a bunch of other secret
it's promoted to the
Google+ will continue to grow, currently has 343 million users per month
Image and video based social sites will flourish
LinkedIn will become player in B2B business growth
Improved Blogging technologys.
Both are social content aggregation sites
They both started in a very similar time frame
Reddit rose from the ground as Digg floundered
Reddit surpassed Digg in active users as of December 2010 and has been ahead since
Why Digg failed and Reddit did not

Digg failed to capture mainstream users
Digg had too many changes to the user experience that frustrated and angered its users
Digg changed their interface too much making it too dificult for users to find and share information, for instance in 2010 they changed some key popular features which caused many people to leave
Reddit was in the right place at the right time
Users were not able to communicate directly with each other
Reddit was not alone, people started moving to other sites such as buzzfeed, Facebook, and Twitter to share their likes
Reddit did not give the final blow to Digg
No one factor solely led to their distruction
What are some things Digg.com should have done differently?
Now you can hunt for flight 370
With the help of high-res satellite images, the world's leading earth imagery company has launched a campaign to scan the Gulf of Thailand for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
The project itself is fueled by Tomnod
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