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Electric Energy

No description

Danielle Blumer

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Electric Energy

Where Does Electrical Energy Come From?
Advantages and Disadvantages
Without electrical energy we wouldn't be able to turn on lights in the click of a switch, we couldn't plug in our phones or computers to charge them - these are some of the advantages about electrical energy. One of the disadvantages of electrical energy is that we use fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas to make it. Some day we will use up all the coal and oil we have, or we will have poluted our planet with smoke and gas. Luckily, scientists are coming up with new ways to create electric energy from renewable sources such as wind, the sun, and water.
Electric energy is made from burning fossil fuels or from renewable sources like wind and water that create movement in a turbine, which ultimately rotates a rotor in a generator that then makes the electric energy that I'm using right now. Other sources of electric energy are solar panels that capture the rays of the sun and that can provide all the electric light and heat you need. Nuclear energy is another source of electric energy.

Why We Need and Use Electric Energy?
Thanks for watching
By: Anton, Danielle, Kajal, and Tavonga
Human civilisation has survived for more than 10,000 years without electricity, so we don't necessarily need electricity. But having electricity gives humans the benefit of collecting and producing more food, digging deeper in mines and digging for oil, so while we don't need electricity, we wouldn't be the human civilisation we are today without it.
Thanks for watching
This picture shows what we find when we dig into the oceans floor to collect fuel fossil and oil.
Electric Energy
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