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My Family Tree

No description

Lauren Gehrmann

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of My Family Tree

My Family's Ethnicity

Family Tree
My Family
My Mother's Side
My Father's Side
Family Documents
Name Meanings
Gehrmann Blake Stein Reilly Adair
My dad Grant, my mom Joni, my brother Alex, and I
My grandparents, Gary and Julie Blake
My grandmother's parents, Mitchell and Myrtle Stein
My grandfather's parents, Dennis
"Denny" and Evelyn Blake
My nana and papa, Gery and Bobbie
Certificate of Marriage between my great grandparents
Harlen and Alice Adair
Letter from my great grandpa Adair
to my nana and great aunt while he was
being held as a prisoner of war in Belgium.
He was captured in the Battle of the Bulge
1940 U.S. Federal Census. Here you can see my great grandparents Mitchell and
Myrtle Stein, as well as my great aunts Sharone and Sandra "Sandy". My grandma was the youngest child, she and her two other siblings Vivien and Ron were not born yet
Oregon Death Index, here you can see
my great grandpa Denny Blake
North German, means
"man with spear"
English, variant of
"black" or "dark"
German, meaning
My nana's father, Harlen Adair, was
a WW2 veteran, and lived in Camas
with his family as a mill worker. His
wife Alice stayed at home with their 3
children, and was always considered to
be an amazing woman by all.
My papa's side of the family was very large. His parents
were ranchers from North Dakota and neither my
papa nor I could track down any pictures of them.
Irish, Short form of
Scottish form of
Lauren Gehrmann
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