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Flowers for Algernon Vocabulary

No description

Claire Bleich

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon Vocabulary

Created By: Claire Bleich, Olivia Donnelly, and Aaron Rodriguez Flowers for Algernon Plot Development Introduction/Exposition Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded thirty-seven year old, is given the opportunity to under-go an operation that is intended to multiply his I.Q. by three. Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution/Denouement Charlie has the operation, and he soon thereafter realizes his love for Miss Kinnian. Charlie obtains an extreme level of intelligence, and ironically, it causes people to like him even less than before the operation. Charlie desperately wants the surgery so people will want to be his friend. Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss decide to go with Charlie for the operation. It is becoming difficult for Charlie to communicate with anyone, particularly Miss Kinnian. Algernon, a mouse who had the same procedure and obtained increased intelligence, begins acting very disturbed and bites Charlie. He becomes worried about what that may mean for him, and he asks for a lab where he can do his own research. Charlie discovers, with a heavy heart, that his intelligence will not last after all, and his deterioration is going to happen as rapidly as his intelligence came. Charlie writes a report, and he sends it to Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss so they know what to expect. Charlie will not see anyone, and his condition is regressing everyday. When Charlie is back to his worse-than-original state, everyone is nice to him out of pity; this is not what he wants. Charlie leaves a note saying that he is moving away from New York to start fresh, and where no one knows about the surgery or can be sad for him. His final request is for someone to lay flowers on Algernon's grave. Algernon Rest
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