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Nike-Goddess of Victory and Success

No description

raelene .

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Nike-Goddess of Victory and Success

Goddess of Victory NIKE Nike Background Nike (and siblings) befriended Zeus
Personal Charioteer for Zeus
Is worshiped alongside Athena
Decider of Victory and defeat
Sent to Earth to crown the victors
She could make any God invincible
Kept wings in Classical period Nike's Strength Nike Family Tree Very fast runner
Swift flyer
Steady/fast charioteer (Greek pronunciation is Ni-kay) Pictures of Nike... Web Sources... http://goddessnike.com/
http://spirituality.knoji.com/nike-the-greek-goddess-of-victory/ Book sources... Nike's Weaknesses Losing
Moving at a slow pace Nike's symbols Palm branch
Hermes staff
Athena's Torch of Enlightenment - Married - Hermes Staff Athena's torch Fun Facts Had a sports company named after her Nike's name in Roman is Victoria Nike's Love Life Was never married
Liked gods with wings
In classical period, she liked Hermes
Hermes liked back
Did not work out Thank you for watching! Palm Branch Raelene Musharbash By: Nike's Allies Nike's Enemies Poseidon
Pallas (her father) Athena
Hephaistos Zeus
Little Eros
Nereus Pallas Pallas Nike Bia Kratos Zelos Oileis Titan of the Spear River of divine promise Goddess of Victory and Success Goddess of force God of Zeal (enthusiasm) God of Strength and War No Images Nike's Love Life Mood changing wings Graves Robert, Greek Gods and Heroes,
NewYork NewYork, Den Laurel leef, 1960 This is the book I read.. Nike Shape Shifter
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