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How do Tsunamis change Earths surface?

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Sarah Miller

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of How do Tsunamis change Earths surface?

How do Tsunamis change Earths surface?
We think that since Tsunamis have such force that they change Earths surface.

A tsunami can completey destory buildings. It can also bend or break metal poles. Also hurl ships into the shore and break them into pieces, and cause massive damage to property. This is all in addition to the massive amount of human loss that can also result from a tsunami.
A tsunami is a high, long sea wave that is caused by an earthquake. Tsunamis can be caused in many different ways. When it comes ashore it can destroy all the land in the area. The Tsunamis put a lot of salt water on the land. It also causes a lot of heartbreak, for the families who have lost some. And there are others that are sad because they have lost so much. Also it causes the death of beloved animals and homes. That causes the people to go homeless.
Fun Facts!
The word Tsunami is a Japanese word that is translated as "harbour wave".


Carlie's information on tsunamis
Tsunamis occur beacuse of natural disastarsincluding, ValcanoEruptions, Land slides.They come in big waves. Tsunamis are able to come by under water Earthquakes.They can be caused by other Tropical storms.
Tsunami's are also called Seismic Waves, but these are generally caused by Earthquakes. These sometimes are also caused by a large meteorite impact in the ocean. But that is very rare, something else that is pretty rare to cause them are submarine volcanic eruptions. Submarine volcanic eruptions have a great potential to produce really big and impressive waves.
Do you think that earthquakes cause every tsunami? Well your wrong ! Not all earthquake qenerate tsunamis! For earthquakes to generate a tsunami, it was to occer close by an ocean or underneath the ocean. Thats because, earthquakes make the sea floor abruptly displace the overlying water.
What causes tsunamis? And why?
Tsunami causes direct life and lots of loss. It kills many people and occurs to a very permanent damage in lots of places.
Tsunamis can travel thousands of kilometers across the ocean to get to land.
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