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Need a model?

No description

Juan Napoles

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Need a model?

Need a model?

Steps to request a scale model.
First contact
Building process
What happens with our client during this time?
We request the project information
How much information is necessary to build a scale model?
Site Plan
Floor plans
Materials, patterns and color palettes
Land survey
+52 33 36205345
Ambient and Details

Assembling the Model

The Making of a Model

Most of the models are made of acrylic or wood.

After receiving the information, we start the drafting process, getting everything ready for the laser cut.

The final Product


Getting the Materials Ready

Well, this is a simple step by step guide on how we do it.

Ever wondered how models are made?

Urbanistic Models

Full detail models

Each Project has it's own color palette based on the client’s specifications.

Painting process

The Base

Study Models

Interior Models


3D Printing

Sections and Elevations
3D Files and Renderings
Type of model
Set of photographs
Set up
MYP team members feeling proud

The first thing we need is all the project's information.
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