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Career Services: Strategies to Enhance Your (Employer Relations) Program

Notes from InternBridge presentation by Christian Garcia

Jessica Himmerick

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Career Services: Strategies to Enhance Your (Employer Relations) Program

P-L-A-N Model Elements of Effective Programming What do you discover?
Quality students?
'Boutique Career Center?' (flexible, customized)
Global location?
Perhaps an abundance of top factors for school selection (employers/students)
Adjust as you go, and nurture! Planning
Launch into Action Limitations?
Planning Discovery Discovery Plan
Launch into action
Adjust as you go
This phase helps us TELL THE STORY. The more time spent in the discovery phase, the easier implementation is.

Who are WE?
What is our INSTITUTION about?
Who are our STUDENTS? Institutional Analysis
What makes us stand apart?
What is unique to our campus? To our student body?

S.W.O.T. Analysis
Focus on strength and weakness
Leverage strength (institutional, career center, student body)
Turn weakness into opportunity

Data and Information Analysis
Conversations with institution, stakeholders

Employer/Student Analysis - Assess the following: Who do you have? "Tried and true" Who do you want? "Who are you 'coveting." Is there a pattern? "Are we good in one area and not another?" Cannot be all things to all people
Some limitations are IN our control
Some limitations are OUT of our control
After "Discovery" phase, start planning!

What are new and innovative things we can be doing?
How are we maintaining and fostering relationships and successful programs?
What do we REALLY focus on?

Key: Be BOLD but REALISTIC! Implement your planning and tell your story. Continually measure and revise based on evaluation and observation

Which efforts are effective? Which need to be abandoned?
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