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Andy Biersack

No description

Nadia Biersack

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack
All the band members in BVB aka Black Veil Brides.
Andy Biersack
Ashley Purdy
Christian "CC" Coma
Jake Pitts
Andy Biersack
~The only original member of bvb that is still currently in the band is Andy
~Andy did videos with Chance Kilgour on Youtube, just type in Chance and Andy. It is humerous videos. :P he also did vlogs.
~Andy likes Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter :P

Jake Pitts
Jake has been playing guitar for 11 years
he is also the music writer for Black Veil Brides to
His influence was from his mum who pushed him to be the best he can
Ashley Purdy
~the BVB on wings tattoo was Ashley's idea
~Ashley is not a girl, and that is
~Official twitters:@AshleyPurdy

Band Members
Christian "CC" Coma
Favorite Color: Green.
Drink: Wild Cherry Pepsi.
CC has been playing drums for 17 years
Started out doing jazz
been in about 12 different bands before he joined Black Veil Brides.
His Name:Jeremy Miles Ferguson
Jinxx is engaged to a photographer, Sammi Doll.
Jinxx has a major in graphics design
Layed back guy
The Song Carolyn in WSTW Is Named after Jake's Mother, Carolyn.
They use Mehron stage makeup for their war paint.
The band was formed in Ohio.
BVB won the golden god's award and the Kerrang award for best international newcomer.
The Black Veil Brides name is about the nuns marrying into the church and giving up the cardinal pleasures of life as they know it. It has no religious meaning, considering Andy (started the band) is not religious.
The BVB members call their fans as a group, the BVB army. They call them as individuals, fallen angels and bridesmaids for the girls, ushers for the guys..
BVB is an RnR band, not emo, Goth or satanistic.
Black Veil Brides Started In 2006.
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