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Cultural Influences on Sport

How a person's culture or background affects their participation in sport

Mike Greenwell

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Influences on Sport

Current Issues in Sport Cultural Influences on sport Learning Outcomes 1) Understand what 'culture' is and what it means to people.

2) Understand what cultural influences can determine people's behaviour.

3) Understand how these cultural influences relate to sport.

4) Understand how cultural influences affect sports participation. The attitudes, beliefs and behaviour shared and passed on by a particular group of people.

It is also connected to identity and who we are.

How do you define yourself?

What attitudes and beliefs do you share with your course mates? What is culture? Age - how old you are

What do you assume about others of certain ages?

Gender - male or female What influences our beliefs and behaviour Socio-economic class - how rich you are and your background

Does how wealthy you are determine what sport you may play or like? Do you assume anything about males and females because of their gender? Ethnicity can be related to your race, religion
and back ground. Sometimes cultural influences can impact on sport participation Groups of people - what difficulties can they face? Women


Young People

Old People

Parents But prejudice can be fought. Other cultural factors that can affect participation Time


Sporting Background Can you think of any sports that you have never participated in? Why? Recap Men tend to participate more than women.

Why might this be?

Role models
Recap Sport participation can be linked to employment status.

Goes from large employer and senior manager down to long term unemployed.

Higher up scale are more likely to participate.

Also influences types of sport.
Recap Ethnicity relates to your ethnic background.

Can influence how likely you are to take part.

Can influence which sports you take part in.
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