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Dancing in Regency Era

No description

Lenzi Marks

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Dancing in Regency Era

Dancing in Regency Era
Lenzi & Chelsea
Regency Dancing
Country Dancing
Similar to Scottish dancing
People faced one another in a line
Lasted 30 minutes
Smooth dance
Swift lightness
Court Dances
Elaborate & Stilted dancing
The Waltz
Involved physical contact
Shocked most people

Cotillion & Quadrille
Quadrille was shorter than Cotillion
Quadrille danced more than once a night

Very important
Displayed liberal attitudes
Dancing & Marriage
Dancing = important skill
Technique used to meet young partners
Marriage followed good dancing
Wealthy vs Middle class
Wealthy - hired "dance masters" to teach dance
Middle Class- "independent dance studios" to learn dance
Good dancers = good match
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