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Ancient India

No description

a aron

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Ancient India

200-250 MILES IN WIDTH Emerges from Himalayas and flows out into the Arabian Sea. THE
CASTE SYSTEM BRAHMINS Priests KSHATRIYAS Warriors and Rulers VAISYAS Skilled Traders, Merchants, and Minor Officials SUDRAS Unskilled Workers DALITS "Untouchables" MATH Decimal & Place Value System The Journey Through... Multiplication System CULTURE is inseparable from religion. RELIGION Hinduism Developed by Aryan beliefs mixing with those of the Indian Civilization. Free the individual soul and join it with the universal force. Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama Middle path between luxury and self-denial. REBIRTH POLYTHEISM OPPOSES THE FITRA OF HUMANITY; WHEREAS MONOTHEISM COMPLEMENTS THE TRUE NATURE OR FITRA OF HUMANITY. V.S. CONCLUSION MONOTHEISM V.S. POLYTHEISM MONOTHEISM POLYTHEISM Worship of creator... ...worship of creation Complements fitra... ...opposes fitra !Prophet Ibrahim! Modern India Culture Mauryan Empire United India and Pakistan From 4th century B.C. to the 3rd or beginning of the 2nd B.C. Chandragupta & Ashoka GEOGRAPHY 1,988 miles long Arrival of the Aryan People Arrived in India about 1,500 B.C. Settled in Sapta Sindhu (Brahmavarta) Settled by defeating natives (Dasas or Dasyus) Settled in the Early Vedic Period (1,500 B.C.- 1,000 B.C.) First people to know the use of iron & brought horses. Mohenjo-Daro & Harappa Built more than 4,500 years ago!!! Straight and wide walls in & around the city Lived in brick houses WITH BATHROOMS connected to the world's FIRST Plumbing and sewer system! HAD BATHS Had reliable sources of water Herded Animals PICTURE No one knows what happened to these cities... ...IT REMAINS A MYSTERY
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