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Nicola Tosh

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Coffee

From the bean to the cup
Coffee seeds, also known as coffee beans can either
be planted immediately or even dried for up to one year and used to plant coffee. Once planted the germination to sprout process can take up to 60 days.
About two to four years after planting, the young tree will begin to produce small white flower with a highly fragrant aroma. These flowers will last only a few days leaving behind dark leaves and soon after, small green berries.
It is from these small green berries that the ripe coffee cherries are grown. During this intense 'growing' period the cherries can consume 70% of the coffee plants nutrients and will actually halt the growth of the plant.
Coffee seedling are grown in nursery beds of polybags until they reach about 8-10 inches tall. Then, they are potted until they are ready to be planted in their final destination.
Each coffee cherry contains two seeds or 'beans as they are called. Once the beans are formed they will be growing inside of an area called the intergument. The coffee bean wil consume and reaplce the intergument with the exception of a final layer that will be referred to as the Silver Skin layer.
Arabica Coffee trees will usually produce fruit in about three to five years but aren't fully mature until about seven years. After the eighth year, the coffee tree begins to produce a full crop and can yield from one to twelve pounds of coffee each year
Around five weeks following the bean gaining its full size, the cherries will begin to change colour as they ripen. Turning from green to yellow and eventually red, the cherries are now ready for harvest.
The cleaner the better
Good water
makes good coffee
Use quality freshly roasted coffee
That's all!
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