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Carnaval Celebration in Spanish Speaking countries.

No description

R. Radecki

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Carnaval Celebration in Spanish Speaking countries.

Carnaval is an annual festival celebrated all over the world.There are many theories of the origins of carnaval ; the most common believed is that carnaval began hundreds of years ago when the Catholics in Italy started a tradition of holding a costume festival before the first day of lent . Carnaval is celebrated throughout Febuary and into early March,which is not the warmest part of the year in most parts of the country.However, it is now one of the most popular celebrations in spain. The carnaval parade in many towns is not only a celebration but also a competition for the best designed costumes amd floats. Carnaval is celebrated in the cities, in the country , and in villages,although it is the most celebrated in big cities! This festival is celebrated by wearing face masks , wearing costumes, and painting faces. Each town has a slightly different way of celebrating carnaval but they all have one thing in common : Having a good time. It is celebrated as a prelude to Easter and forty days of lent. Many people dance late into the night as a way to have fun and celebrate ! This is also a time of feasting, the catholics believe in not eating meat for the forty days of lent. Therefore, they spend carnaval feasting ! Resources :www. European-schoolProjects.net www.way2barcelona.com www.suit101.com http://www.ctspanish.com/festivals/carnival.htm
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