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What Are Your B2B Instincts?

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Becky Tumidolsky, MAPW

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of What Are Your B2B Instincts?

Where do
instincts lie

Are you a

Hunter/predators are patient and calculating. They focus like a laser on their prospects' movements.
Are You a
Nurturers are driven to make authentic connections with prospects and clients and build lasting bonds.
Are You a
Foragers know the terrain, they move with purpose, they're good at spotting opportunities, and they can overcome just about any obstacle in pursuit of their goals.
Let's take a look at some of the animal kingdom's most intriguing species for guidance and inspiration.
B2B Marketers
come in a colorful array of species.
All of us marketers rely on instinct to some degree.
It helps determine both the nature of our content and our brands' engagement style--i.e., the way we cultivate leads and relationships.
Some are highly adaptable and
thrive in changing conditions.
Some are territorial and

respond aggressively

to new stimuli.
Some do little more than eke out their existence.
How are
hard-wired for success?
The reason we humans admire the
graceful lionness
for her
hunting prowess
(and not, say, swarms of killer bees)
is that
big cats
don't attempt to overwhelm
their targets
with a frenetic assault and a deafening buzz.
The best hunter/predators move in perfect sync with their prey, knowing precisely when and where to strike--with just the right amount of force.
Harvester ants are among the world's most
persistent collectors
--never stopping, never tiring, even in the most challenging conditions.
Their hard work and perseverance offer
important lessons
for marketers who are battling complacency or feel they've reached a plateau.
Tip: This list of industry-leading resources can help you refine your marketing strategies and elevate your brand (Content Marketing Institute).
Tip: Click here for great advice on B2B lead generation (Huffington Post).
Tip: Check out this HubSpot presentation, "Building Prospect Relationships Through Inbound Nurturing."
Like the beloved emperor penguin, the most committed and successful marketers are
fit and determined
to go the distance...
...for the sake of those relationships they hold so dear.
Tip: Explore Ted Rubin's award-winning book, Return on Relationship: The New Measure of Success.
Are You a
Show-offs and entertainers have a talent for attracting attention by putting on an unusual display.
From synchronized and beautiful to flamboyant and silly to downright shocking, their
performance is the talk
of the animal kingdom.
If you know precisely how you want to position your brand and what makes your audience tick, you are poised to make a
bold, pointed statement
that works for you.
Tip: Need some creative inspiration for viral-worthy content? Check out these nominees for Best B2B Marketing Video of the Year (OpenView Marketing Lab).
Are You a
To pack animals, it's all about numbers: The bigger their tribe, the better their chances of long-term survival.
Pack animals excel at building
kinship and cohesion
, forging and strengthening brand identity
by ensuring employees, clients, prospects, and social communities
play uniquely important roles and
feel valued
for their contributions.
Pack animals aren't interested in short-term gains. They seek a more meaningful advantage.
When brands
serve their audiences
by providing meaty, satisfying content that speaks to a shared hindrance or need,
they're rewarded with
respect, loyalty, and esteem.
Tip: Learn the fundamentals of building a brand community (Forbes.com).
Tip: Read this intriguing take on "brand religion" (Harvard Business Review).
When we marketers
combine our natural strengths

there are
no limits
to our brands' potential.

and continually
sharpen our instincts

(by monitoring industry trends and studying others' successes),
Let's continue the discussion!
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