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See You at Harry's

No description

Yasmine Ismail

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of See You at Harry's

See You at Harry's Jo Knowles Creator: Yasmine Ismail Exposition The story starts off with a family all starring their dad's ice cream diner. None of them want to do it (except the dad) but are forced to by their mom, although she doesn't agree with this idea either. The ad is going to do on TV, for everyone in their local area to see. Everyone besides the dad thinks the whole thing is cheesy. Characters:
Sara (18)
Holden (14)
Fern (12)
Charlie (3) Setting:
Small town during late autumn and early winter. When school starts up Holden begins getting made fun of again for being gay. He isn't doing anything about it because he thinks it'll just make everything worse. Rising Action One day when Holden skips school Fern decides she is going to be the one to stand up to the bullys. She starts to get made fun of too, just because she stood up for her brother. Fern starts to babysit Charlie because everyone in her family is too busy to. One day when Fern is doing homework Charlie runs off into the parking lot and almost gets hit by a car. Out of shock, Charlie falls to the ground and hits his head on the road. When he gets up he shows no effect of being harmed. Climax One morning, everything seems normal except the part that Charlie has not woken up yet. Mom goes into Charlie's room to find him gray and not breathing. From downstairs Fern hears a blood-curling shriek coming from Charlie's room. Everyone in the houses rushes to see why the screaming is happening and also notices that Charlie is dead. Falling Action Mom doesn't even bother to get out of bed anymore since Charlie is gone. Fern starts to get the idea that if she doesn't cry then Charlie will come back. The doctor's call Dad back and tells them how Charlie died. He died from a blood clot in his brain that was caused by the falling in the parking lot. Fern starts to think bad thoughts about how he died. She thinks everyone blames her for it all and just feels like dying. Holden's dad does not approve of Holden's boyfriend for two reasons: 1. Holden is only fourteen and Gray (his boyfriend) is seventeen. 2. His Dad doesn't want to believe that Holden is gay. Holden and Gray have broken up because they both agree it is stupid to date each other only because they're both the only gay guys they know. Everyone has gone back to their normal everyday lives, except now they have the emptiness in their hearts that used to be Charlie's place. Resolution Mom is starting to get better. She is not as depressed anymore, but not fully recovered either. The families lives will never be the same without Charlie. He was a big part of their lives. Character Analysis Homosexual: When Holden was twelve he loved playing with make-up. He always wore it and dressed up like a girl. He is now fourteen and has a boyfriend, named Gray. Open-minded: Although others may judge people, Holden does not because he thinks it is wrong and does not have a point. Everyone should be who they want to be. Holden thinks that nobody can control how they feel or who they are. For example, Holden says he can't control that he likes boys. It's just like how any boy usually likes girls. Kind/nice: Holden doesn't push Fern away when she trys to talk to him about his sexuality even though he does not want to talk about it. Whenever she wants to be around or with him he lets her, he doesn't refuse. Theme Be yourself and don't change for anyone, no matter who or what they say. Holden isn't goint to stop being gay because others don't like him for it. He isn't ashamed of who he is and how he feels. Holden says he can't help the way he is therefore he shouldn't be made fun of for it. Fern thinks she is fine just the way she is. She thinks, "Boys don't like the way I look, so what? Why should I care?" She is not going to change the appearance for others. Book Review Liked: in the book I loved how the author put all of the emotions into the characters. You could exactly feel what they felt, it's like you were exactly there with them. Didn't Like: I did not like how the author confused me by putting events that happened before into what was happening then. It was really confusing and did not make sense to me. Quote 'I think of Sara's words again and Charlie's sing-song echo. "It's not a good reason," I say. "No?" He finally turns to me and I can see the truth in his tears. "I don't think it is," I say. "People are so stupid." He smiles a little. "So you don't care? That I'm... You know." I roll my eyes. "Why would I care? Why should anyone?" But I wonder why neither of us can say the word. Gay, I think. You're gay. I know what that means. But I don't know how he knows he is, or how it feels, or why people hate him because of it.'
-See You at Harry's pg.54 This paragraph/quote from See You at Harry's means a whole lot to me because its basically saying, why should anyone care what anyone else thinks or they way they act and feel. Everyone should be themselves. No one should be judged or change the way they are because of what someone else thinks.
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