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Life As We Knew It

No description

Daniel Krzysiak

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Life As We Knew It

Survival Test Questions
Works Cited
This is all the sites I used throughout the progression of this novel study.
Essay Of Everything I Learned About Survival
Life As We Knew It
Survival Video
This video really captures what the meaning of survival is and what it is about. Just like Miranda and her family, the had to face problems of survival similar to the way this video showed to us. I'm sure that surviving under these conditions is more tougher then someone has ever though.
More About The Test
This question covers 10 questions that require critical thinking about the book and the topic of survival.
More About The Essay
While reading this novel, I gathered a lot of information about survival and what it exactly means to survive. This essay covers all the things I learned or read about my topic.
Summary of Why I picked This Novel
In this blog where I wrote about each days common core standards and what I've read that day.
Before reading my novel, Mrs. Ryan gave us a list of book of which we could choose which novel we wanted to read. When reading through the possible choices for this novel study, Life As We Knew It really caught my attention. Just reading what the book was about I could tell it would be full of action and suspense. The topic of survival really interested me and the thought of a asteroid crashing into the moon got me wanting to get right into the book and read. The topic of survival is what this book was written around. After the asteroid hit the moon chaos erupted on Earth and when all of Miranda' s families daily appliances are shut off they had to survive by themselves. They had to stuck with each other. Novels similar to that one really interest me and that is why I quickly choose Life As We Knew it. While reading this book it really stayed up to my expectations.I really enjoyed reading it all the way through the end and I hope that everyone else also did. I am looking forward to read the next book in this series.
This picture is just of one of the many that shows kids that go day to surviving against the odds of dieing from hunger.
This statistic is one of the most important
and shocking of most. Facing aginst hunger is not a good idea and hunger more than likely wins.
This is a picture of kids and maybe adults who are starving who are trying to reach out to us for help. Anyone can help them, we just need to find it within us to do that.
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