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Nims Island

No description

Genesis Cernik

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Nims Island

Nims island is a movie about a little girl who's on an island and loses her dad and when hes missing she meets a girl named Alex Rover the Alex Rover that she thinks of is a guy but the one she meets is a girl. Alex Rover came because Nim sends messages to Alex and Nim told her about her dad so Alex comes to help her the only 3 friends Nim has is a sea lion a lizard and Alex Rover when her dads gone. To find out if Nims dad comes back you'll just have to watch the movie........ The movie Nims island Youtube video Preview of Nims Island About Abigail Breslin Abigail Breslin is Nim in the movie. In the movie Abigail is a brave and imaginative little girl shes young she only has a dad until the the end and she really doesn't have any real friends besides Alex Rover I don't know what shes like in real life I myself would think she was an imaginative little girl like me what would you think shes like........ About Jodie Foster Jodie foster is the real Alex Rover in the Movie in the movie lets just call her a germaphobe because shes afraid to go outside because of germs for the flight she has like 10 bottles of germ ax and I'm not talking about the little bottles I'm talking about the big huge bottles and 10 of them I don't think shes like that in real life oh and i almost forgot in the end of the movie shes not afraid of germs anymore. Very good Movie The Movie Nims Island About Gerard Butler In the movie Gerard Butler is the book Alex Rover hes kinda like a hero in Nims island because if it wasn't for him the real Alex Rover would have never been able to help through the time when her dad was gone but then again he is only the real Alex Rovers imagination but he still practically saved Nim from her island getting token away or burnt down. And thats the movie Nims island
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