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New Learning Standards in Social Studies 9-12

Presentation for 9th-12th grade social studies teachers in Ohio.

John Kuzma

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of New Learning Standards in Social Studies 9-12

OHIO'S NEW LEARNING STANDARDS 9th-12th Grade Teacher Leaders SOCIAL STUDIES LOUIS C.K. - INDIANS Old Activity, New Emphasis Compass Activity
N-S-E-W Objectives Identify the instructional shifts needed to meet the 21st century child
delve into the model curriculum and identify your areas of strength and your gaps
analyze an example of the Eye of Integration and identify cross curricular connections
recall strategies you once learned about but possibly forgot about http://www.teachinghistory.org ODE NEWS AND UPDATES Ohio's New Learning Standards Name Change...again... New look to ODE Social Studies Web Page... ODE has reorganized their web pages that deal with the Social Studies Standards Grade 4-12 Changes per Amended Sub. Senate Bill 165 No additional content statements added
Content elaborations, instructional strategies, instructional resources, and connections revised Key Resources:
High School Syllabus
K-8 New Learning Standards
K-8 Comparative Analysis
Model Curriculum for each grade level 12 3 6 9 CLOCK PARTNERS Clock Buddies is meant to be... a quick and easy way to create pairs for partnered activities
helps to avoid the problem of kids always having the SAME partners. Mingle with your colleagues "Good morning, would you like to be my three o'clock partner?" Make clock appointments ODE's Social Studies Page NOW and THEN or a Mind/Shift 1. CLOCK Partners
2. SHIFT Video
3. OVERVIEW of ODE Updates
4. NOW and THEN
5. 21st Century Learning
6. Article Read
11. HOMEPLAY Agenda Flow North Person:
This action-oriented individual takes charge, plunges into a new challenge without hesitation and is not afraid to try new things. The "North Person" will not find it necessary to understand all the details of a task to start problem solving. They learn by doing and adjust as they go along. When presented with a new task, north people will be the ones saying, "Alright! Let's do it! When do we start?" East Person:
The East Person likes to step back and get a sense of the "big picture" before taking action. He or she explores options and "what if" scenarios to make sure that what is going to be done makes sense. When presented with a new task, east people will be asking for more information, thinking of many creative solutions and seeking a clear and rich vision for what lies ahead before acting. South Person:
The South Person is sensitive to the quality of relationships of individuals in his or her life, and is often guardian or caretaker of these relationships. These individuals will be aware of the process of making decisions. They will note whne there is conflict or tension, seeking to reach a compromise acceptable to all. When presented with a new task, south people will be most attentive to inclusion of differing ideas and checking if everyone is feeling okay about group decisions. West Person:
The West Person seeks structure and organization. He or she wants to know the practical aspects of any new task, such as: "What exactly is our endpoint? What do we do first, second, third...? What resources will we need? Who will be responsible?" This individual has the ability to think through details and transform ideas into concrete steps into a logical sequence. When presented with a new task, west people will want clarity about exactly what the 'destination' will be and can then help identify the steps to get there. Ohio Department of Education As you watch, think about how this video makes you feel. SHIFTING. Free Write. Take the next minute to write your thoughts down. Share out with group. Then share with your 3 o'clock partner. Placemat Activity "The Three New Pillars of 21st Century Learning" Rob Mancabelli
DistrictAdministrator, April 2012 Read Since you have been teaching, think of 2 things that have changed. 21st Century Learning.
What does it mean to you? You write your respone here. Your 9 o'clock partner writes their response here. Then come to an agreement as to what 21st century learning looks like and write your response here. Find your 12 o'clock partner and exchange thoughts. LUNCH.
1 hour from now :) CENTERS Using the SCAN app on the iPad2, scan the QR Code at your center. Center One: Model Curriculum
Center Two: Common Core Literacies
Center Three: Eye of Integration Directions are at each center along with a handout. Content Statment Activity List three content statements that could be taught in combination. Below, think about what needs you have in the four areas listed. HOMEPLAY Link will be sent by email. 6 o'clock partner Think of one thing that hasn't changed. John Kuzma - Elementary Consultant
Sandy Williams - Secondary Consultant Highlight the most important word
Underline the most important sentence
Star the most important paragraph Ohio's
New Learning Standards for HS http://www.ode.state.oh.us Visit or Google ODE Can you access the standards? Ohio's
Model Curriculum for Social Studies LOOK
HERE!!! Consult the Expectations for Learning for guidance on what should be assessed. Consult the Content Elaborations for further clarity. Instructional Strategies and Resources provide possible lesson ideas to implement into the classroom Social Studies
Eye of Integration CLICK RESOURCES
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