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Selina Wang

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Ifarmer

Xu Tian Photoelectric is an industry-focused company located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China which opened in 2013 and has been developing its self-owned intellectual property called the I-Farmer.

Xu Tian Photoelectric's mission is to improve the quality of people’s life through the development of advanced farming technologies that can be implemented in both urban and rural settings.

Example Locations
Offshore oil platform rigs
Army bases
Areas unfriendly to farming
Increased Productivity
With a growing population, lack of space, and increasing environmental problems, new farming technologies have to emerge in order to continue the sustainability of the human race

I-Farmer is vertical farming technology that allows for year-round production of crops. More specifically, I-Farmer is a self-contained, automated plant producing system that safely and cost effectively to grow crops.

30%-40% faster yield compared to traditional farming methods
Plants are grown vertically
Plant growth measured in cubic feet vs. square feet
Produces yields that are 10x greater vs. conventional greenhouses
Allows for continuous year-round production
Controlled, indoor environment
24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
Place facilities in practically any location
Decreases transportation costs
Friendly To The Environment
IT Integration

Consumers also demand produce that is cheap in price but high in quality which means it must be cost efficient to produce while being free of pesticides and other chemicals
I-Farmer uses sophisticated IT and computer systems that allow for full control of the growth environment including:
Light intensity
Temperature adjustment
Carbon-dioxide concentration
Nutrients supply
Xu Tian Photoelectric
Stefan Nedelea
Ruochen Wang
Ahmad Al-Lawati
Huabo Xu

Eliminates need for pesticides
Results in healthier and safer produce
Reduces the negative environmental impact of these chemicals
Cuts down on water pollution
Commercial farms pollute nearby water sources by drainage from chemical fertilizers
Efficient use of water
closed-looped irrigation system uses 20% less water that is required in conventional field agriculture
generates virtually no waste
Builds directly into existing infrastructure without the need to expand
Beneficial to Retailers
Stable prices
Year round production and a controlled growing environment reduces impact of seasonal price swings
Stable crop output
Indoor growing environment eliminates wasted crops as a result of natural disasters and other weather issues
Increased shelf-life
Crops are attached to their roots until placed in a cooler
Produce delivered to stores the same day it is harvested
Reduces cost of transportation and distribution
Beneficial to Consumers
I-Farmer is not affected by common crop pests
This means that no pesticides or other chemicals required for use
Results in healthy, organic food
Longer shelf life leads to fresher produce getting to the market
I-Farmer's reduced cost for retailers means reduced cost for consumers
I-Farmer is significant technological step in modernizing the production of crops. Its ability to grow crops indoor and vertically not only allows crops to grow in larger quantities but also away from harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. Its self-regulation and IT implementation means less man power and money is required to grow produce. Finally, its lack of need for pesticides or other chemicals reduces its impact on the environment and allows for the growth of safe, organic food. With the I-Farmer, retailers have the ability to make cheap and safe produce that meets the ever increasing consumer demand.
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