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The Lost Hero: The Hero's Journey

No description

morgan massie

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of The Lost Hero: The Hero's Journey

Meeting the Mentor(s)
Piper and Leo are Jason's best friends and they all three go through the journey together .
Chiron is their main mentor because he is the camp director in charge .
Annabeth is a guide for them because she is helping the three of them get the hang of things around camp .
The Lost Hero: The Hero's Journey
By Morgan Massie
The Ordinary World
The Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Crossing the First Threshold
Tests, Allies, & Enemies
Once the storm spirits show their true form and attack Jason, Leo, and Piper the first threshold is crossed .
A few of the tests, allies, and enemies include:
Aeolus's ice palace
crashing Fetus
3 cyclopes
evil saleslady in mall (Medea)
Coach Hedges mistake
The Lost Hero doesn't end, it sequels . The last part of the book are about Percy Jackson, the hero from Percy Jackson and the Olympians . At the end the characters figure out that, if Jason was given amnesia by the gods and sent to the Greek demigod camp, then Percy must've been given amnesia and sent to the Roman demigod camp . It is all part of Hera's plot to unite the Greek and Roman demigods .
Hera gives Jason a vision and tells him that she took his memory, that he has to free her, and that he belongs to her .

The prophecy (told by the Oracle) states:
Child of lightning, beware the earth, The giants' revenge the seven shall birth, The forge and dove shall break the cage, And death unleash through Hera's rage.
Each demigod has their own worries:
Jason still is really confused because he has no memory .
Piper is scared because shes been having bad dreams and in them there is a monster telling her that she will one day betray all her friends .
Leo is scared he may mess things up with his "fire hands" .
Jason's normal life is unknown . He has no memory because Hera took it . All that he knows is that he goes to a troubled kids school for some reason and his two best friends are Piper and Leo .
Piper goes to a troubled kids school because she has a bad habit of stealing . Pipers dad is famous, so she lies and says that her dad is part of the Cherokee tribe to stay out of the limelight .
Leo also goes to the troubled kids school because he is a bad child. Leo has ADHD (a common 'glitch' in demigods)
1. Jason is Jupiter's son and Gaia (the earth goddess) is waking. 2. Gaia's children (giants) are rising for revenge on the gods. This shell bring the seven demigods together. 3. The forge, a child of Hepheastus (Leo) and the dove, a child of Aphrodite (Piper) will free Hera from her prison. 4. All the monsters in the Wolf House were killed (and Jason nearly was) when Hera became her divine form.
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