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Characters from Whirligig

No description

Chloe McCreery

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Characters from Whirligig

Chloe and Le Valasi
Characters from Whirligig
Kills someone in a suicidal crash
Victim's mother makes him build whirligigs
Travels to the four corners of the US to create four whirligigs, representing where the victim would have gone if she were still alive
Victim of the crash, dead
Was a very good student
Did lots of community service
Was going to go to college next year
At college, she was going to go across the US
Lea Zamora
A kind person
Devastated from the loss of her daughter (sad)

Loved his daughter
Very mad at Brent, wants to kill him
Broke a chair in anger
Took the loss of his daughter very differently than his wife
Lea Zamora's Parents
Don't really care about him
Their family has moved a lot, causing Brent to never have a lot of friends
Shocked when Brent tried to commit suicide
They let Brent go on a trip to build whirligigs for Lea's mother
Brent's Mom and Dad
They were on a class trip when they saw Brent
They helped build the whirligig in Miami, and Brent let them play with his things
All were very curious

The Children
Meets Brent at a campsite
Canadian, riding a bike down to the South
Very kind
Lets Brent camp with him for a day
Provides him food and shelter
Brent saw her on a beach
Very kind
Forgave Brent for Killing Lea
Helped Brent find a spot for the whirligig
Very genuine and honest
Artist Lady
Friend of Brent
Takes Brent to Chaz's Party
Makes fun of his car and forgets to tell him about the theme
Brent gets mad at him a lot and wants to punch him
Host of the party
In the school's Drama club
Brent wanted to punch Chaz too
Brent's Crush
Got help from Brent for math
Very self centered attitude
Thinks Brent is a stalker and very creepy
Stands him up at the party, making him embarrassed
Mom and dad are scientists
wants a boyfriend
Asks her best friend to help
Lives in Maine
Steph's Boyfriend
Lives two towns away
Plays a musical instrument
Kyle McQuillens
Steph's Best Friend
Tries to help Steph get a boyfriend
Very popular
Alexandra has a boyfriend
Lives in maine
Weeksboro, Maine
Miami, Florida
From Puerto Rico
Married to Constacia
Had a child, but she died
Street Sweeper Man
Street Sweeper man's wife
Formerly a waiter, then a babysitter
Had 2 children
Kind and Caring
Loves children
Mr. Mintz
Bellevue, Washington
San Diego, California
Jenny's Grandma

In the 5th grade
Left at an orphanage in Korea
Adopted when a baby
Loves the Seattle Mariners and baseball
Doesn't enjoy playing the violin
Saw Brent's Whirligig, girl playing the harp
Hated the Whirligig
Anthony's music teacher
Very calm and patient
Nice old man
Encouraged Anthony's mother to let him rest and take a break
Takes care of her ill grandmother
Grandmother calls her "Kindelah"
15 years old
Tall, has brown hair
Saw one of Brent's whirligig, the whale with the mermaid
Really liked the whirligig
Survivor of the holocaust
Very sick and slowly dying
Makes her granddaughter drive her to see her old house
Sees Brent's whirligig, whale with the mermaid
Whirligig makes her smile and laugh after all that has happened to her
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