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Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes, cover letters, sample reference page - requires supporting handouts

Shara Lee

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Resumes and Cover Letters

Organization Strategy Know Your Audience
How you fit them, not how they fit you Activity
Exchange resume with one other person

Read and provide sensitive, constructive feedback Enhancing Your Skills

PRACTICE Name an aspect of your job that you don’t think is resume-worthy/showcases a transferable skill.

I bet that I can demonstrate otherwise…let’s play! Stump the Instructor Strategy Tailor to Position/Company
Add/Remove experience
Key words from Position Description
Section organization, ex. “Project Management Experience”

Assume 15-Second Decision
Most recent, relevant experience first

Share Skills, Not Duties Purpose of Resume Quick Quiz

When you are creating your professional marketing pieces (resumes, cover letters, networking cards, thank-you notes, etc), whose opinion matters? Cover Letters Purpose

Written communication used as cover letters
File name
Body of email
Email address
Greeting and Signature Purpose of Feedback Skills SKILLS
Computer: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access,
Working knowledge of web design and HTML programming
Language: Fluent in Spanish Education Objective OBJECTIVE
Utilize highly developed interpersonal and organizational skills as a member of the Darden Restaurants’ Management in Training Program. URSULA C. FORTUNE
911 Congestion Way · Orlando, FL 32817 · (407) 555-1212 · ucfgrad@knights.ucf.edu Header Name
Current Address - Local
Contact Phone - Professional message
Contact E-Mail Address - Professional
Consistent for all pages of communication Organization Connections and Tips How does perception affect the job search process (professional written communication, interview)?

Professional Written Communication Expectations:
Correct Grammar – commas, apostrophes, sentence fragments
Structure - introduction, conclusion; chunking
Tone – positive and professional The Why Resumes and Cover Letters Reference Sheet URSULA C. FORTUNE
911 Congestion Way · Orlando, FL 32817 · (407) 555-1212 · ucfgrad@knights.ucf.edu

Place of Employment
Phone number
E-mail Lead a team of 50 cast members through a reinvention of the 7,500-seating Fantasmic! House operation, transitioning to a Guest-friendly philosophy and removing barriers to Guest satisfaction Spearheaded the Main Entrance Guest Service Summit Project Team, leading salaried and hourly partners across all Main Entrance lines of business towards the achievement of goals related to a superior guest experience Experience
Description Resume Bullet Points Top 10 Personal Characteristics Employers Want to See Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers S-p-e-l-l it out
University, Degree title,
Date conferred
Minor, GPA, Honors, Scholarships
Organized like Experience section EDUCATION
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management May 20xx
• GPA 3.1
• Completed coursework includes: Lodging Operations, Hospitality Industry
Managerial Accounting, Hospitality Information Systems and Guest Service Management Big Picture Perspective Transferable skill/character How gained skill Why you are writing What you have to offer How you will follow up Purpose and
interest Themes Position and source of information Reference to resume Request for interview, follow up time frame Appreciation for reader's time and consideration The Structure The Bullets Impression Education Relevant Experience Skills Attention to detail Right fit - sell your experiences Communication Honesty/integrity Teamwork Interpersonal Skills Motivation/initiative Work ethic Analytical Skills Flexibility/ adaptability Computer Skills Self-confidence Organization Consistency Substance Optional Tailored to company and position 2-3 top skills Personal Statement ServSafe Lifesaving/CPR Computer PMS Software Language Social Media Ideas Others catch things you miss Saving you time! Educated opinions Shara Lee
Office of Experiential Learning
Shara.Lee@ucf.edu Handout
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